1st ‘gig’

That’s was terrific Brian. As light hearted as we’ve come to expect but terrifically played (also as we’ve come to expect!!). Well done to you :+1:

PS - Of course you’re famous…(you didn’t ask what for though :wink: )

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Good show Brian, well done and thanks for sharing, it brought a smile. :smile:

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Brian, you’re a born showman. And you know it, admit it! :wink:
The wonderful light atmosphere of this holiday, and you fit in perfectly. Well, the childish spontaneity spoiled it a little. But these are just children, what is the demand from them? :blush:
I’ll be waiting for new videos of your live performances, it’s cool.

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Yikes! So many comments :open_mouth:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Merci!
It was only really a question of time before it happened, innit? :wink:
As you can see, waffle is not restricted to the virtual world… :roll_eyes:
Better get that finger out for the OM as you can see I have been practicing ‘other things’…

@DavidP Davy Jones is more likely to be spinning in his locker than smiling at ‘Ziggy’s Butcher’, but thank you kindly :smiley:

@Eddie_09 Cheers Eddie. Yes a fab night. Kicked off with a ceilidh, after which I was sweat-drenched and hoarse. No energy left for nerves :laughing:

@pkboo3 Absolutely. Thanks Pam :kissing_heart:

@Socio I have no idea where I got those ‘look-at-me’ genes from. The problem is not making a fool of yourself all the time :roll_eyes:

@skinnyt Cheers mate. I don’t get out much, but it’s fun to let go every now and again :smiley:

@sairfingers I appreciate the vibes, good friend :smiley:
I am trying to persuade the band (well, at least Chris) to support me again at the OM. Who knows? :laughing:

I think you need more than one song when busking :rofl:
Now that I think of it, I don’t think there was ever a time when I could play and sing more than a single song completely from memory. But thank you for the compliment :smiley:

@Helen0609 Haha, I wasn’t born like this- Justin made me do it! :rofl:
Vielen dank!

@twistor59 Relaxed, as it was all good friends of the party people. A bit like the forum folk here- everyone wants you to do well :smiley:
I’m afraid we’re only technically Merseyside here. (on the Dee side of the Wirral, facing North Wales). I do like the whole area though. It might be the strong Irish influence due to proximity and immigration.


I’d like to agree but that would be a little darker than a ‘white’ lie :wink:

I did eye up the band carefully but I kept to the front of the stage, as the drummer looked like the only serious threat :laughing: (A friend sent me photo-evidence)

@LBro Much appreciated, Brother!
Actually, I did have a 2-hour weekly slot on a local internet radio station. I even had about a dozen regular-ish listeners. It’s far easier to waffle and press play buttons than waffle and play! :rofl:

@adi_mrok That interruption was intentionally planned to make it easier to remember the lyrics :roll_eyes: Nothing left to chance, my dear boy!

@jkahn You lucky chap. I’ve got it all out of my system now. I shall be good as gold and quiet as a mouse for you on Saturday! :wink:

The beginning, the middle and the end. Yes, even the epilogue.
I shall now rest on my laurels and watch my good rocking friends go forth on the stages throughout the world… :laughing: Good luck with your next gig

@Rossco01 Haha, I think I had my share of ‘liqueur’ too early in life :wink: I’ve been on the wagon for over a year. Mind you, even before that, anything more than a beer or a glass of wine would play havoc with my playing (funnily enough, not my perception of my playing though)

@Billca Thanks Nancy. It’s the interactions I enjoy: The laughs, the groans, to claps. the heckles…
And you’re right. It was fun :smiley:

@Notter Cheers mate :smiley:
I won’t ask if you don’t tell… :wink:

@Malz Cheers for the listen and comment, Mal. Much appreciated :smiley:

благодарю вас :smiley:
Those close to me say I’m ‘loud’ :roll_eyes: but I do believe in enjoying myself. One go on the merry-go-round and all that.
I hope you’re keeping well, my friend.
Keep rocking :sunglasses: \m/


Animals …all animals those drummers… :lion:

Nice to see a picture,looks pro :sunglasses:

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That would be a bit disappointing, you haven’t been at any of the OMs I’ve attended yet, I was hoping for the full Brian experience! :joy::crazy_face:

I think infamous is the word you’re looking for. :crazy_face:

That was excellent Brian. Loved how you controlled the crowd and told them to shush. I can’t believe they weren’t hanging on your every word.

Well done though for getting up there all on your own and just nailing it. I enjoyed the second song as well…

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:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

@brianlarsen I hereby nominate you for the Entertainer of the Year award. You always bring such an upbeat vibe to whatever you do, and it never fails to lift my spirits. You could tell that the audience was with you. Well done, Brian.

@SgtColon Cheers Stefan,
It’s only a question of time before you get roped in to sharing your talents in public :rofl:
I hope your increased forum activity is a harbinger of impending AVOYPs to be shared? :smiley:

@oldhead49 Too much praise, good Sir.
I trust that ‘lifting your spirits’ is not a euphemism for turning you to the drink :laughing:
Good to hear from you again and thanks for dropping by

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