1st 'real' open mic 😮

Nice one Brian. I have said before you are a natural performer and you really had the audience engaged and having fun which I guess is what performing is all about!Well done on getting up there! I set myself a goal at the start of the year of also doing a “real “ open mic also so let’s see how it pans out.

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Brian……so much to love about this. And yeah yeah, ‘likes’ but no comments required however, I’m a rule breaker much like many others here I see! Love and admire the fundraising. :clap::clap::clap:. Total respect!
Definitely loved your self deprecating commentary with A, D, and E. Was brilliant….and then we have a subject that I was talking with someone about only last night - Thaddeus and Hymie :wink:(a connection I’m sure you’ll get). That was so good and it looked like not only you were enjoying yourself but the crowd were also. Congrats Brian !!

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Entertainment factor = 10 :slight_smile:

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Haha, I’m loving that folk are (partly) engaging in what I say regarding likes/short commentary :smiley:
So I’ll just give you all a great big Thanks and ‘likes:smiley:

Sometimes it’s good to share simply what we’re up to, even if it’s not of a particularly satisfactory standard. I believe I will always see the guitar as an entertainment accessory for me as opposed to the main attraction. (Very different to when I play for myself!)
@CateB Rule-breaking rules :laughing:
Haha, I had forgotten the names! It has been so long since I saw an episode. I just remembered the hilarity I experienced at the time. I might just have to revisit one of these days to see if it has aged well or become outdated. Glad you enjoyed :smiley:

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Heeding the guidance, a like on the post with an additional :+1:

Well done Brian!

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No Mark,…that IS a comment… :man_facepalming:
But it’s nice to read that most of us completely ignore Brian’s wish :joy: :innocent:


:rofl: :wink: I thought if I kept it to 3 words he might not notice!!

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no no no

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Great entertainment.

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“Missed It By That Much” was a staple growing up.

Really great Brian. Look forward to more :slightly_smiling_face::guitar::microphone:

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Hi Brian,
You looked a bit out of your normal comfort zone there. But surely you did far better than I would on a live OM! Good job overcoming the issues too. I guess you got the first OM out of the way and can look forward to another rousing performance, one day when you are ready.

I could not help but notice that guitar cable and the way you were plugged in. You might want to consider in the future to tuck part of it up under the strap to prevent it from being pulled during mid performance. Thankfully you did not move much on stage, so that issue was a remote one.

Cheers and be easy on yourself, for that one was not easy!

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Hi Brian,

I thought your performance was excellent. Well, perhaps not technically excellent but good art comes from honest expression and your expression is as honest as they come. There’s a style and an edge in what you do. You’re on a good path, keep at it and keep enjoying it.

I had a similar ‘string’ experience once. Perhaps, if there’s a ‘Most embarrassing moments’ thread I’ll share it.


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Ah that was awesome mate. You should totally do more of those!

Love the lyrics, like
“I Get Smart in the cone of silence…”

reminds me of Gabriel’s early humerous lyrics like
“Grateful for her Fine Fair discount, Tess-Cooperates”

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Bravo Brian!

£3 seems to be a common theme at the moment. :smiley:

I thought you did a cracking job there. Your fist ditty was great, made me smile. Your second song was really good and I thought you had a great connection with the audience. Well done sir.

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Brian, you handled this like a pro! I’ve said it before - you never fail to entertain. Hey, Wasn’t it Keith Richards who said you only need one E string and took one off?? Well done, Brian.

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Thanks again for all the further votes of confidence/encouragement
Much appreciated :smiley:


I haven’t commented on your posts lately, so decided to look you up and happy I did. I love your confidence and your wit. Lots of fun on stage and the audience enjoyed it. Great singing and playing on your first “real” OM.

Congratulations on taking the open mic plunge, Brian! I was thinking of trying the same but the players at my local venue sound professional and have me totally intimidated.