2023 Guitar New Years Resolutions

Thanks for this topic Jeff :blush: Memorising is also one of my goals and hence develop my ear, as the two things are much interconnected. The main goal though is to stay organised focused and structured, even on those days when I’m busier with job and life commitments…Less is more, this will be the principle I’ll stick to :innocent:


Good luck Tony!! I’m pretty sure you’ll survive :joy::blush: there’s nothing better than playing live with or for people to kick my neurons in their…that…and make them connect so that I can learn…in more proper words “to trigger neuroplasticity”…hahaha


World domination!
(Might as well fail big :wink:)


I will not buy another guitar, I will not buy another guitar, I will not buy another guitar, I will not buy another guitar, I will not buy another guitar…

One vote for @brianlarsen for world overlord, much better than the bozos trying to achieve that currently…:man_facepalming:t3:


Every journey beginning with a single step and all that… :wink:
If I settle for a simple majority, only another 4 billion to go!
How does guitars for everyone sound? :grinning:


Yes Please! You have my vote Sir!


Thanks. It is interesting how much effort tidying up a set list for 75 or so minutes takes.


Get more detailed in my playing.
More fingerstyle.
More electric stuff.
Sign up and do theory G3 onwards.
Usurp @brianlarsen


For me, the resolutions for 2023 will be:

  • To have at least as many hours of fun and inspiring hours with my guitars as last year,
  • To finish and consolidate Grade 2 and having the feeling to make effective use of technical skills,
  • To go deeper into music theory
  • To get deeper into building up my song repertoire, lift them from basic playing up to a more advanced level

and hopefully to have time to stay tuned to the community :wink:


My NYR’s are:

  1. Stop smoking. That’s an easy one as I haven’t for 40+ years.
  2. Carry on learning this guitar playing thing and have fun whilst doing it!

I’m not really a person who makes NYRs, but there are some guitar related goals in my head for 2023, I’d like to share :blush::

  • try to practice on a daily basis
  • learn and memorize at least 5 more songs (playing and singing)
  • finish grade 2
  • play/sing at several camp fires with family and friends
  • perform at an OM
  • let go of perfectionism :wink:

That is a very reasonable list, we all should keep all that points in mind.

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Contrary to what many people think, letting go of perfectionism is really important and more people should try it. I’ve been there. Sure, in the short term it can make you strive to do better, but longer term, it grinds you down, and sucks all of the joy out of life. It’s as likely to make you quit playing guitar as get better at it. Make it number one on your list and everything else will follow. Start by giving yourself some credit for what you have achieved rather than grief for what wasn’t perfect


Plus 1. Just have a resolution of playing better than the previous day, previous week, previous month or previous year. As long as your having fun and can see progress being made then you are winning.


That’s a nice little list Jeff. Now let’s get items 1 and 2 started mate. Pick a song, slow it down, really work on it and memorise it. When you think you’ve got that song down spend some more time really polishing it up. And when it’s al nice and shiny record it and post it as a record of you achieving those first two goals on your list.

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You also have to remember that while the aim is to keep improving, the road ahead has some ups and downs. There will be days where your fingers seem to have become thumbs and what you could play yesterday seems impossible today! The thing is if we get hung up on them then it’s on our mind the next time we pick the guitar up which isn’t helpful. Learning to change my mindset over the past few years has really opened doors for me

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These are my primary goals for 2023.

  • Finish sight reading method book (I can read music… but right now translating that into playing guitar is really slow… but it’s getting easier everyday)
  • Make it all the way through guitar aerobics book with metronome (I bought a new metronome with subdivisions to work on timing)
  • Transcribe 20 songs in my transcription playlist

following year will be fingerstyle classes, song writing classes, and sight reading fake/real books (haven’t figured out which yet).

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A few specific guitar goals this year related to scales, triads, arpeggios, and blues playing.
The overarching goal for this year though is to play with progressively less tension and a lighter touch when needed.

Cheers, Shane

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I find the end of the year / beginning of the year a good time for reflection, and resolutions come along with that easily enough. My 2023 guitar resolutions are pretty simple:

  1. Learn 10 fingerstyle songs
  2. Continue to track my practice time and practice items
  3. Organize and expand my guitar Songbook

#1 will be the most challenging and the most enjoyable. For #2, I have a very simple manual system, and seeing the practice numbers increasing and relating that to improvements motivates me to keep practicing. #3 will remind me of all the songs I can play but haven’t played in awhile!

Shall we all revisit this post at the end of the year to confirm progress on resolutions? (initial or changed :slightly_smiling_face:)

  1. Get over my fear of judgement and perfectionism
  2. Start busking
  3. Try to get an EP out that I’ve been thinking about for the past year or so
  4. Call up my metronome and tell her I swear I can change and see if she’ll take me back