3rds & Thirds - What Are They? Playing & Having Fun

Thanks @jeff.

Wow. Did you have a large cup of coffee by your side?
Kudos for your stamina and focus.

Both diagrams now fixed, thanks for the alert.
I have it way down my to-do list to edit the diagrams. It bugs me that I used different font for the titles on them. I know, small details never hurt anyone. But still. I know it’s there.

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I got it book marked. Great thread to spend time on

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Thanks @JasonBuk

I just revisited this thread after watching a YouTube video on how to play thirds. I ended up so confused by the video I came here seeking clarity. I wasn’t disappointed. I actually don’t think the maker of the YouTube video really understood thirds. Perhaps I should send him a link to this thread.

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Thanks @jacksprat :slight_smile: