4 Easy Steps to Transcribing Songs (for beginners!)

Does anyone have any recommendations for online tools that can help with transcribing when you don’t have a guitar to play along with?

I got into transcribing so much that I started doing it at work when I’m waiting for something or when I have 5 min between meetings. I obviously don’t have my guitar with me and I can’t install software like Transcribe because of company policies.

That’s why I started looking at online tools like Virtual guitar – Play guitar online | Musicca. This simple tool allows you to pick out and play single notes or chords, so it does the job. For audio playback I just use YouTube or Spotify.

But maybe there are better alternative ways to transcribe without a guitar and software?

Loved this lesson, i tried transcribing songs in the past but always felt it was a too difficult and went straight for tabs. By transcribing power chords it feels a lot more doable and I was able to figure out all of the given songs even if some were a bit harder to figure out than others. It gave me a real confidence boost being able to do this :grin:. when i was done with the recommended songs I started looking up some more song that used power chords to see if I could transcribe them. The songs I transcribed after this lesson were: The Scorpions - Rock you like a hurricane , The Offspring - Pretty fly, Weezer -Beverley hills, American idiot - Green Day and Survivor - Eye of the tiger. Good luck everyone!

Hi @jillm2007 ,
I would at least give it a go.
It’s great practice for learning the root notes on the 6th low E string and 5th string which will make learning your barre chords easier, it did for me at least :wink:.

Quick tip I used looper.tube, its a website where you can paste a link to a youtube video and select a portion of the video you want to loop. You can also slow down the tempo of the selected section.

You could use a small midi keyboard and headphones. For both single note and chords.

That would definitely be useful. Not sure if my boss would appreciate it though. :sweat_smile: