60 second changes

Any chance someone is willing to post a video to show me what a decent 1-minute chord change with 60 changes looks like? lol I just want to see what the ultimate goal is. I have 30 and it just seems blah.

When you say blah what do you mean?

i don’t sound much different than Nitsuj - so i am just looking to see what 60 good chord changes in a minute looks/sounds like.

With the One Minute Changes, you’re going back and forth between two chords. You practice how many chord changes you can squeeze in a minute. No matter how clean or messy those chord changes are, the goal is to build speed and muscle memory. So it is quite normal for chord changes to be a bit sloppy when doing one minute changes.

When Nitsuj was doing his left-handed lessons, he noticed that these two exercises weren’t cutting it. As the lessons advanced more and more, he felt his teaching method needed to adapt. So in Grade 2 those two exercises will be replaced with the Perfect Fast Changes.

So you are right to be thinking about how they sound. Getting a decent number of changes per minute is important, but remember that in the long run you also want accurate, clean chords.

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Never compare yourself to other players. Whether someone else can or can’t do super clean 60 sec changes has no bearing on what you can or can’t do. You are working toward playing music.

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@Karende , no one posted a video yet, so here’s my first attempt at posting one. (From my iPad on a very shaky music stand. That was the best camera angle I could get, sorry)

E to A, which I’ve done lots of OMC on before, but wanted to practice my thumb muting.

OMC is about quantity, not quality. Since I got more than 60 (somewhat sloppy) changes in, I will probably move on to Perfect Chord Changes next.

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Here’s another video - weak finger G to C (want to improve so I can play Behind Blue Eyes).

Only got about 40 changes in, so more work needed.

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Agreed. But just looking to see/hear what a good set sounds like.

Thank you so much! This simply helps me to correct some things…those posts were very helpful!!

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Try E to Em. Just lifting Finger 1 from String 3, so you should get to 60 pretty quickly.

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