66 Year Old Dog from just outside Saint Louis

Like the topic says I’m an old dog wanting to learn to play my guitar. I retired from the fire service a while back and now that I have some time, I’d like to try my best to play my new Gretsch. Thanks so much for allowing me to be here, looking forward to investigating the site and meeting everyone. You all are an inspiration.

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Welcome to the community Gary
If you up for some reading you’ll find lots of Old Dogs here taking up the guitar.
Music is the best gift you can give yourself and it will keep you out of trouble. :guitar:

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Thank you for the warm welcome. I had doubts when I purchased my guitar, wondering if I was the only one this old attempting to learn an instrument. It’s nice to see I have company.

Welcome Gary, I am one of those older dogs, finding this to be a very supportive doghouse. Plenty of encouragement to keep at it and enjoy a great hobby.

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Thank you that’s what I will need is lots of encouragement. I checked out quite a few guitar learning sites before finding this one with very friendly people.

Welcome Gary.
You’ve landed in the right place mate. Great teaching, and terrific community of people of all ages and abilities. Plenty of ‘old dogs’ here too mate, havin fun and making some serious progress.
Stick fast to Justins tuition, and reach out here anytime.

Cheers, Shane

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Shane, Thank you very much and thanks for the offer to help if needed.

welcome mate, its a fun place to hang out and have fun… Nice guitar for a starter!

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Thank you. I thought I might as well get what I like and the sound that I like to help keep me wanting to play it. I looked into the starter sets, but I was very disappointed.

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It will keep me out of trouble, unless I start seeing additional guitars I would like to have.

Hello and welcome to the club Gary. :slight_smile:

Follow Justin’s course and you’ll be belting out tune on your Gretsch before you know it.

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Welcome Gary, and welcome to Gary’s Gretsch.
A great retirement gift to yourself.
Enjoy the ride.
You will face difficulties and struggles and fun times and satisfying moments as you learn.
Everyone here has been / is along that same path.
No question is a silly question.
People can and will help and support if you need it.

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Thanks to you and this warm and wonderful group of supporters.

It is a great club that I have joined, feeling the warm welcome. Thank you.

Hi Gary:

There are a lot of us who are not old just older as Bon Jovi’s song says. What better way to spend retirement than to play music. Take your time and do Justin’s lessons one at a time. I recommend learning his music theory as well, at least the basics like the music note circle. You will be surprised at your progress and before you know it you will be playing songs for others. I am getting close to 2 years with Justin Guitar and I have been very happy with the quality of lessons and support of the group. Looking forward to hearing you play sometime when you are ready to share your talents. Take care

Jeff from California

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Thank you for your advice and support.