8 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love (06 Nov updated) My 10 1st AVOYPs "Grade 3 Exam Rehearsals"

Hallo Gunhild!

Happy some groove still came through :laughing: Thank you for your kind words.

I have loved Queen since my childhood too and it was probably my least guilty pleasure music-wise over the years. And I still enjoy them. Sadly I was too young to ever see Freddie Mercury in concert. I still had the pleasure to see Brian May and Roger Taylor perform.

I see you are a super fan and even have the Red Special. Must be a different beast to tame if it plays close to the original :slight_smile:

I was surprised to find this song in Justin’s beginner book 2. This really helped to have the most important information for a “beginner” version on paper to fall back on.
The introduction even says: “This Queen song is unusually beginner-friendly”

With that said, as far as I understand it’s around Grade 2 Module 11 where Sus chords are introduced. By that time the power chord and the one F is something one can start to try and introduce into song practice already.

Reading your intro post, I read you already learned the rudiments of the song, have the books, and are already musically experienced.

So I bet you can move this song to your developer list sooner than you think :wink:

“Liebe Grüsse” and keep on Rocking on :v:

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Hi Marcel :grinning:

Thanks a lot for your kind message. Nice to know that there are some fellow Queen fans around here in the forum :crown:

Great that you have taken up your old dream of making your own music. So this weird time around 2020 has led to something good :grinning:

Oh yes, I had been too young to see Freddie in concert either (at least my parents thought so…) And Queen even performed in my hometown Dortmund several times in the late 70ies and early 80ies. But like you I had been lucky to see Brian and Roger. Pure legends! :star_struck:

Yes, the Red Special is a beautiful instrument - and one of the reasons why I am here now. My own JustinGuitar-story started with the tutorial for “Crazy Little Thing”.
Unfortunately, this “beginner-friendly” ( :rofl:) song still is much too advanced for me, but it keeps me motivated, and after a few weeks of practice I’d been able to play the main chords and these instantly recognizeable sus-chords at the beginning.

Thanks again for your encouraging words. Just like you’ve said, the course is gold, and I’ll keep on practicing and working on this song.

Keep on rockin’ and keep up the great work :grinning: :guitar:
Can’t wait to hear more great songs from you

Viele Grüße in die Schweiz
Gunhild :lady_beetle: