A pirate looks at forty

Short fingerstyle this time. And i have struggled a bit with this for a few weeks.
Its not very hard, but i have tried to go by a pattern and not «whing it» and man that is something else :rofl:
Its not perfect at all, its a one take so it is what it is…


Very nice work Trond. You sure are making progress.

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Thanks Maggie :pray:
Appreciate it.

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That was great Trond. Some lovely fingerstyle there.

You say you struggled with it but you’d never be able to tell. I thought you nailed it.

Thanks Stefan.
Its not to bad. I feel i loose some dynamic in some sorts in a set pattern. Hard to describe, but i feel it becomes a bit boring sound after a while. but its getting better each time i play it.

I’m trying hard to remember back to when I was forty years ‘old’-
Yes, it’s coming back now… that feeling that life was over and there was little to look forward to over the horizon :rofl:
I still dream I can plunder and make canons thunder (even though the moderators keep me in check :wink:)
But I digress.
Another fine finger-lickin’ finger-pickin’ piece of depression from midnight’s son.
Where will I get my teenage kicks if you find your mojo and cheer up?
Haha, fortsett på samme måte :rofl:


There is not much that is a 100% guarantee in this life or world @brianlarsen but one of very few is that you will never ever hear me play something that is bright, joyfull or much positive​:rofl::rofl::rofl:

And it needs to contain atleast one minor chord in it!:rofl:


@Richard_close2u meet my minor mate :rofl: :roll_eyes:

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Sounding great Trond, your style is so loose and relaxed and it’s really reassuring as a listener, keep up the amazing work!

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Thanks a lot @Notter

Appreciate it. Glad you liked it :grin:

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Another great performance Trond, well done. Your fingerstyle is really coming on.
I echo @brianlarsen’s sentiments. I was 40 in 1994. Mind you my grandchildren love playing and dressing up as pirates so all is not lost!:grinning:

Thanks @sairfingers
Love it that you and Brian get sentimental about life passing by :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Another great one from the fingerstyle king.

Song has vibes of lamenting getting older and not doing what you wish you were doing. I relate.

Hahahaha!! It seems like the message came through too a few of the members, turning forty and not were you like to be :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Glad you enjoyed it @jkahn
Really appreciate it :pray:

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Hi Trond,
Indeed another good song, :sunglasses:,…I also love the minor chords… my head is almost always happy, but in the most beautiful music there are minor chords (i think).
And as you say, playing a fixed pattern is very different cookie :grin:…although I didn’t notice that you “just” did what at first…and great that you get those old timers here sentimental :joy: :sunglasses:

Another great performance there Trond. Finger picking certainly is your forte, with the voice to match - really connects with the listener.
I like your melancholy song choices, and despite their somewhat sad overtones, I can imagine layin by the campfire, among the warm embers, lookin up at the stars, with you playin in the background and thinking “This 'll do me”.


Dont know how to respond to that @sclay

Thanks Shane. Really appreciate your kind words.

Hehehe. Yeah. I am a real sucker for minor chords @roger_holland :grin:

Thanks for the kind words :pray:

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Nice performance tRONd.

It was an enjoyable listen and you are making good progress.

Thanks a lot Rob :pray: