About that fancy guitar…

Which is why the player has a large impact on “tone” or more accurately “sound” of a guitar.

It does make me want to follow the South African gentleman and make a fret less pine 2x4 guitar!

Or should I use a treated redwood fence post?


Cheers Keith,
one of the reasons I throw out these kind of ridiculous statements is that I often learn something from the replies :wink:
I tend to think of amps being amp + speaker as I’ve only had built-in units, but good point.
It’s also interesting to learn about the difference between American and British amps regarding the mids. I’ve seen the selection option on the THR but not sure why they sounded different. I also wasn’t sure whether scooped mids meant you had the mids reduced or were given an extra ‘scoop’ (like ice cream :laughing:)

That was fun, Joshua.

Reminded me of this opening sequence from the ‘worth a watch’ documentary, “It Might Get Loud” (and it did, if you turned it up :grin:)

Interesting reading, this comes to mind - reinforces the theory doesn’t it?

I have seen video of people playing kids toy instruments that sounded great.

Tools to make music!

“If it sounds good, it is good”, to quote someone we all know!

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Haha. Yes, that is up for interpretation. “Scooped” means “scooped out” as in the hole left by the ice-cream scoop. In other words, reduced.