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I know they call it the F chord for a reason, but I promise I made it very easy for you. :slight_smile:

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Hey! I’ve been here for over a month and a half and I haven’t introduced myself. I’m Kristijan from Croatia. I’ve played the guitar shortly on and off for 12 years, but I wouldn’t call myself a guitar player. Let’s just say that it allowed me to go through all the modules much quicker. Also I gamed quite a lot so my hand coordination is really good. I love Justin Guitar so far and when things click in my head related to the guitar or music, I feel so happy. For an example yesterday while going through open notes I realised on my own that chords are named after their first note and it made me so happy haha.

I am curious about the down picking. Here you mentioned downpicking in the c major scale. We did the same with E minor pentatonic. Why are we doing downpicks only?