Account update problem

I’ve recently change my ISP and moved away from the email address that I originally sign up to JustinGuitar site with.

I’ve gone to my account profile and changed the email there but I still get emails to the old address, not the new one.

Any help here please admin…




Hi Rachel the fasted way to get assistance is to let the mods know.
@Richard_close2u @larynejg can you help Rachel out with her email?


Hi Stitch, Thanks for the admin prompt, my trust level has just unlocked today to use the @whoever lol. Thank you, much appreciated


Hello there! Help to assist you with this issue, but please email us at with your new and old emails so we can open a ticket and update your account. :slight_smile: Cheers, Laryne.


Sent, thank you.

@larynejg just a quick follow up, did you receive my email. I’m still getting notifications at the old email and not the new one. ?

@larynejg hi again, sorry to give you a big nudge im afraid,. I think the recent site work undid something. It appears that some of my replies aren’t going through now. I did get a few enslaved to the new address but not now.

See here about replies. Rachels - New beginnings - #20 by Radagast99

To clarify, old IPS was virginmedia, closed now, email will close soon. Rachelhollis@virginmedia…this is my original sign up for both sites!

I would like news main site n forum to goto one place now.



No problem, dear. I just missed hearing from you. Thot U might have been kidnaped or something. Haha

Stay safe


Hello there!

Sorry for my late reply. I can see your emails are up to date in our system. Is it all good for you now? Please, follow up with us at if you need further assistance!


Yeah, found it a couple days ago and send to be going to correct address now.