Acoustic and the Katana amp

+1 on this. Piezo pickups are way too brittle sounding for my ears, to the point of being hard to make EQ corrections. My Epiphone acoustic has two pickups, one piezo and one that’s a neck pickup of sorts. I use the neck pickup or a blend of pickups when I play through an amp or PA. Consider mic’ing your guitar if all you have is a piezo


My new amp, Bugera vc60 was bought for when live gigs come up. My acoustic sounds the same through that as when played without. One thing about an acoustic is that unless one is playing facing a mirror or similar one does not hear it as others do. Amps for me, do serve a purpose for acoustics.


@roger_holland Thank you for the videos Rogier. I found the first okay but the second one, well, I just felt like I’d wasted 8 minutes of my life. :smiley:

@J.W.C I’ll have a look at the pedal options, Jason, thanks.

@CD02 Craig, I did have a little play in the tone studio but after watching Rogier’s video I see there is a lot more to go at.

@jjw I was going through my amp just to get the feel on the guitar through one, as hopefully sometime this year I’ll be having a crack at an open mic.

@brianlarsen And what were you finding Brian? Have you got your new tele yet?

Thanks for your input everyone. :slight_smile:


Cool, but you will only need your guitar. They’ll plug you into their amp/PA :smiley:
Tele’s been delayed again- maybe end of March. I think the Houthis might have frightened the ship to go round the Cape of Good Hope :roll_eyes:

This seems like strongest argument yet why even as non-performer you might choose to play an acoustic guitar via an amp at least occasionally

I could be wrong, but I don’t think acoustic guitar pickups work on the same principles as electric guitar pickups. Piezo pickups detect the vibration of the soundboard (I’m pretty sure) and I believe some acoustic pickups are like little microphones which actually pick up the sound waves produced by the vibrating guitar body.

Having said that, I do think you’re onto something here:



You’re right about the piezzo’s picking up vibration. I’m just too used to seeing the Fishman blocking my soundhole :rofl:

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Yes, I thought that might be the case but it’s like when I used to practice on tele before I started plugging it into the amp, it was a real shock when I did and I had to find a bit more string control.

Sorry to hear that Brian. I hope it gets to you sooner.

Don’t give Rogier such an opening. :joy:


In my opinion this is the best approach if circumstances allow. Of course, that “if circumstances allow” is the stumbling block…

That’s my thought too.

The video posted by Rogier is worth watching. I have had good results in the past from the Ac. Processor (which is discussed in the video):

Also, this video is worth checking out:




Thanks for the video, Keith, that was really informative. I’m subscribed to the Studio rats but I always forget to check there. :roll_eyes:

Well now, isn’t this an interesting thread. I have recently purchased a Fender Dreadnought acoustic/electric! I couldn’t help myself. The price was right!!

Anyways, I have a cheap 15w amp that was given to me. No idea the brand name. I just fiddled with my settings on both the guitar and amp till I found what I was looking for.

Gain all the way down, secondary volume all the way down, guitar volume- CRANKED! …bass lower than mid, treble higher than mid on amp. Bass lowered to almost nothing, mid CRANKED and treble almost to full in gutar. But like always it depends on the guitar, amp and gear your using and the sound your looking for.

So much fiddling to do to figure out where the settings should be for certain songs.

Should I crank amp and use guitar volume? I don’t know yet, but gonna find out! Right now I know where to find the clean sound so I’ll just work it from there.

Oh yeah!!! So muuuuuuuch fun just trying! There must be something wrong with me!!! Lol

Took me about 40 mins to figure out to get a clean sound. Messing around, I can get some really cool sounds that would be beneficial for other power chordy songs I like to play as well. So happy with me purchase!!

Rock on!