Acoustic pedal board

I clicked on the link to hear an example of an acoustic guitar into pedals, but stayed for the awesome performance of some of my favorite Dylan tunes. Great guitar touch and tone to go with some beautiful vocals. I would dare say that some of your versions are more listenable than the esteemed Mister Dylan.

By they way - what mic are you using on that set?


Thanks for the kind words! Greatly appreciated. Ah yes, Bobby D --three chords and the truth. Poke around my channel and you will find covers of I Want You, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You and Knocking on Heavens Doors.

The mic on that track is a Behringer XM8500, which I assume to be a knockoff of a Shure SM58. I’m almost certain that I plugged it into a TC Helicon MIC MECHANIC 2 for some pitch correction, echo and what ever else I could tweak on my vocals. LOL


Haha, not to take anything away from how good @CT’s performance was, but to be more listenable than Dylan is a very low bar. And I’m a big fan of Dylans.