Air Changes (aspire to this!)

Hi @Thinker, yes it is hard at this stage. Key here is “aspire to this” - try to make air changes your goal, they will automatically come in time if you play enough.

@jkahn I’ve tried all my best to put it in my practice routine, yet it’s all difficult :sob::sob:

At this point, i’m frustrated not being able to do this, i’m always laying my fingers down the feet board one after the other.
I feel like skipping this lesson and going to the next, but my guilt is catching up with me.

Is there no other way i can do this? :tired_face:

I am no way perfect at this, especially only on module 6, but I found that playing along with songs on the app helped me to progress. If you are watching the screen for the chord changes you can’t be looking at your fretting hand and it sort of happens if you play enough.
Hope this helps.


@Thinker It is difficult at this stage, yes. Don’t think you have to master this air changes lesson before moving on to the next one! Move on if you want to. Air changes are a long term goal. Keep doing your changes like you are now, and doing your One Minute Changes and you will eventually start doing air changes. Just keep playing songs and learning.


@jkahn this is an encouraging one sir
Thank you!

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@MAT1953 this is a great tip, i would love to put it into my playing!
Often enough, i look at my fret while playing.
Thank you Mr Mathew!

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No problem, hope it works for you it did for me.


Try this - something I have shared in a few topics across the community already, it doesn’t harm to post it here too.

To improve the formation of a chosen chord:

Hold your fingers near to but not touching the strings.
Touch the fingers where the chord is but do not press.
Once you have all three touching at the correct place then press them down.
Do not strum - this is a fretting hand exercise only.
Release the pressure after a few seconds but keep touching the strings.
Then move your hand away from the strings by a small amount. All fingers away.
Repeat the process.

Then, to improve changes to and from the chosen chord and other commonly grouped chords, repeat the above process with one alteration. After the final step of lifting all fingers away, the next cycle would be to move fingers over the chord that you are changing to. Once that chord has been done and fingers are lifted away, go back to the first chord of the pair.

Wash, rinse, repeat. Make this exercise last about five minutes.

Example - C chord plus some associated chords

1 minute - C alone
1 minute - C & Am
1 minute - C and G
1 minute - C and D
1 minute - C alone

Practice daily and within a week you will be smashing it.

Hope that helps.

Cheers :smiley:

| Richard_close2u | Community Moderator, Official Guide, JustinGuitar Approved Teacher


Thanks for this sir, it sure would be helpful i will try it and hope it works for me

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Richard’s suggestion worked for me!! The only ones being a real pain are Dm and C chords, still working on them! You will get it, just takes time. When playing songs, don’t be concerned about these air changes. They will start to happen on their own and you won’t even realize you’re doing it.

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@wayne56 it did worked for me too, i’m improving anyways

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