Alabama Shakes!?

I’d like to learn anything by Alabama Shakes, lead or rhythm. Has anyone learned their songs?

No, but their song ‘Hold On’ is AMAZING!!! The front woman (don’t know her name) is a force of nature, absolutely phenomenal performer!!! Maybe learn that song?!? :wink:

Thanks Rich, The Alabama Shakes frontwoman is Brittany Howard. I agree she is a force of nature and Hold On is a great song but I don’t think I’ll find it here.
Brittany (not The Alabama Shakes) will be in the U.K. in July on her What Now Tour.

Hey Geo, thanks for the info on Brittany Howard, I’ll defo keep an eye out for her tour dates and venues, just hope she makes it down to Cardiff or Bristol! :wink:

You’re up for some festive jive.