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Surely not Alexis, we all, always, get it right first time don’t we?!

I had such an experience over the weekend trying to do an AVOYP and couldn’t get the sound levels right through my Scarlett, messing with gain knobs and nothing changed. I must have wasted 5 song performances until I realised the OBS was taking the sound feed from my webcam, not my Scarlett… But by that time I’d peaked and couldn’t get a clean (enough) recording. Planning another attempt tonight!

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Oh yeah, I never spend an hour or more in front of my camera stopping and re-starting the backing track for the 100th time I messed up. Not me ever. :wink:

This happens to me all the time! I sit there wondering what the heck is going on and why isn’t this sounding right before I realized It’s not picking up my scarlett at all but my webcam mic! Everytime I plug a new mic in garageband wants to change inputs on me =/, lol

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I’m glad I’m not alone with even getting the audio source wrong!! :joy:

Another great cover Alexis. You are certainly nailing the songs in the rock book.

Which has been your favourite one so far?

How long have you actually been playing though. I really like that you posted all the links, good info for the future.


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Thanks Rachel! I’ve been playing since January 6th of this year. I actually started a learning log about a month after I started if you are at all interested in my whole journey. Alex's Learning Log

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Thanks Alex, I’ll be sure to have a good dig through, we have similar gear. Just purchased a new Les Paul and I also have a Boss Katana, I noticed on the floor,

Thank for the link, this will be good inspiration for me.

Song 7: There She Goes by The La’s

This song was waaay more difficult than it initially seemed. That coupled with how busy I’ve been at work has push this longer than any other song I’ve been working on. It was a really fun song though and I learned some stuff!

What I’ve learned/techniques:

  • Main Riff. This was the most deceptively difficult part for me. It was how consistently accurate you have to be with these single note sequences throughout the entire song. There’s no breaks! For weeks I was trying to do it with down picks only and it just was not working. About a week ago I started practicing it with alternate picking. It was still difficult but much easier than before. I still can’t get it perfect but accuracy is good enough to post I think.
  • Playing by ear. Justin doesn’t have the whole song in the book or his video. He get’s you about 90% there but there are a ton of variations and layers to the song so it’s impossible to put in one lesson. I simplified it and tried to get the basic idea by ear but it took me a while to get there. I think it sounds enough like it that the song is recognizable so I’m happy with where I got.
  • C Major 7 chord. New chord for me that only shows up in the bridge, just a C chord without the first finger but it did take some tries to get it right because my fingers are so used to making a C chord that they did not want to cooperate when asked for a variation lol.

I used tonelib gfx clean preset with an added delay for the main riff and the acoustic preset for the rhythm.

grabbed the backing track from: Download your instrumental songs in MP3 format - Custom Backing Tracks - Karaoke Version ( .

So here’s There She Goes by the La’s! (Advice and feedback always appreciated and welcome!):grinning:


Awesome, love the additional guitar.

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Cool to see a new entry Alexis, for some reason I can’t get it on my phone as it’s asking for a “not a robot” text entry which keep repeating, will try on my PC later!
Maybe I am a :robot: after all :joy:

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Appreciate you even just opening the post Mark.

I knew it! :wink:

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Really well done! I love that song and learned it myself earlier this year. I’ll have to go back and look at your other Rock Song book posts, as I also have that book!

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Another wonderful performance, Alexis. Quite a work out to keep thos single note licks/riffs going throughout. Well done.

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That was great Alexis well done! Really dig the song and you decinitely sounded like the original. Consistent nice strumming and quite tricky riff that changes from time to time but you pulled it off very well, congratz!

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That was great Alexis. Always loved that song and play it myself on acoustic but sounds way cooler on electric. Really impressive and well done :+1:.

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Thanks Eddie, I also play it on acoustic sometimes. It’s a really cool riff no matter how you play it!

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I thought that sounded great! Really well played, seems pretty impressive playing for Grade 2 as well!!

Finally got around to checking this out Alexis, superbly polished playing again from you as you continue the rock project. I can believe the riff is much quicker than you think it is but that was clean throughout.
If I may, and please don’t think this is a criticism, I’m not entirely sure that the delay suits the riff, at least not at the beginning when the riff is more prominent. Regardless it’s s huge tick off of another terrific tune, looking forward to what you’re going to treat us to next !! :slight_smile: :+1:

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Thanks mark and feedback is always welcomed :slightly_smiling_face: I chose the delay cause the original has a ton of layered guitars so it sounds better over all than just a plain ol clean sound. I think I do see what you mean about it sounding a little off during the intro sequence. Maybe next time I’ll do a straight clean in the beginning and use a foot switch to switch to the delay in further parts.

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You are doing a fantastic job with all of these from the rock book Alexis and I always look forward to watching what you have been working on.

Half way through the book now and the big question is…what will you do when you come to the end of it? :wink:

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