All That Never Was - Original

Hi All,

Hope you’re all good. We’ve put together an “album” of tracks. Most have already been posted over the past year or so.

The new ones (I think) are:

Your Fire Can’t Burn Me Now - a ballad
Distorted Faith - erm… synthy/indie rock track?
Resurrection Superman - rock song

You should be able to find them on our Bandcamp page under All That Never Was.

This is our more “cheery” sounding set of songs - hence the yellow, sunny artwork.

Started working on some new stuff - heavier, and not so cheery. :slight_smile:
Thanks for checking out.
Any comments on which type of song best suits us?

All the best,

Digger & Katja.


All of the tracks were really good, but if I was pushed to give a preference it would have to be Where did it go, I just really liked the vibe of that track!
Great stuff as always! :+1::+1::+1: