All the strings are quickly upset

How you seen Justin’s string changing video? He shows how to stretch strings. I pretty much do mine the same way. I’ll move up the string from about the end of the fret board toward the nut while stretching. I also leave my strings uncut at the tuners until all the strings are on the guitar.

I’m taking back what I said about metal strings not stretching, it’s against the laws of physics :sweat_smile:. They do stretch but the problem in question is more likely the guitar itself. If it’s a problem at all, it should settle on its own after some time.

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Oiling the fret board is more for looks than being good for the guitar.
The whole guitar is made of wood and the fret board and inside
of the guitar are unfinished. To much oil can attract dirt and playing will grind the dirt into the wood. Wood needs to breathe.
The best way to control humidity is to know what the relative
humidity is. If it’s low humidify if it’s high theres not a lot you
can do exept dehumidify. High humidity will not harm your guitar.

These are my thoughts and my oldest guitar is a 1947 Gibson and
the fret board has never been oiled. I do control the humidity in
my house.

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Yes, and when you first put strings on there’s a lot of stuff that needs to be brought into tension, including the guitar neck/trussrod, the tuning pegs and the string windings on them, and the bridge. The strings themselves are a significant part of that.

For instance with locking tuners that don’t have tuning peg windings to tighten up, it has been experience that I still need to stretch the strings just as much as with my guitars with more standard tuners.

Once the strings have been on the guitar for a while, then this stuff should settle a lot and, in that case, I suspect a lot of the subsequent variation is in the guitar itself due to environmental conditions, especially where the tuning changes between sessions.

But I do think there’s a bit of residual “stretchability” in the strings as well as, even with fixed-bridge guitars with well stretched strings and locking tuners, I have noticed I sometimes I need to retune after a lot of string bending, particularly on the B and G strings.