Alright Now Cover with Mama Bear :)

Hey guys here’s another one!! I thought this one turned out great and hope you guys enjoy!! Moms kinda shy so that’s why the camera is small lol. alright now - YouTube


That was great Byron. Truly enjoyed it.

Kudos to you and your mum, Byron. Continuing pleasure from your videos.

That was superb Bytron I think so far my fav of yours. Never thought I could hear this song acoustically done, you did fantastic. Sorry to say but anyhow your mum stole the show :grinning: all the best.

Thanks Adi! Yeah i think i have to agree this is one of my favs I have done!!! Yeah she sure did lol! :slight_smile:

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Thanks guys we had fun doing it!! We will have to do more like this!!! :wink:

P.S I think i was really feeling this one lol. Seems my timing is better in this one than most my vids.

You’re sounding very groovy Mr Bytron. What a treat for you to have Mom join you.

That was terrific Byron, I really enjoyed it. Well done to your mum too!
The song actually suits the acoustic vibe and I really liked the strum pattern and technique you used.

Great acoustic version of the song Bytron! Kudos to mama bear too.

Thanks guys!!! I thought we did really good on this one. Its probably my favorite cover i/we have done!! Its actually I think the first one me and my mom has done together singing wise!

Really enjoyed listening to an Unplugged version of this, makes a nice change! Well done both of you, very entertaining!

Wow, Byron!
great performance!
a clear stable rhythm throughout the song and amazing “lazy” vocals.
you really did a cool cover, and it’s just acoustics! Great.
respect to Mama Bear, you have a great duet.

Great unplugged version, with backing vocals. A grand rocking time, Bytron.

Dang thanks Leo!!! I really appreciate the good comment! I really tried on this one lol. Haha yeah I think i understand by what you mean by Lazy vocals :smiley: Acoustics all the way man!!! Yeah I think my mom has a great voice!! We will def do more! Just trying to think of what else we could do!

Thanks David!! How you been? And how long you been a mod?

All is good thanks, Bytron, life and music. The Community OM over the weekend was another step up for me, my best yet of the 6 I’ve played in.

I think a mod for about a month now. Richard and Lieven needed an extra pair of eyes and hands with the increased action on the new platform, so I’m now a mon-in-learning.

Wow congrats David! Yeah i need to try to get to the OM at some point if i can find the time! Im so happy your a mod now thats really cool!

You have a video of your open mic?

Thanks Bytron.

You can check out the whole show. It was a wonderful evening’s (for me) entertainment.

You absolutely should sign up and join in.