Alright Now Cover with Mama Bear :)

Thanks David I will have to check it out when I get back home tonight! How often are the open mics?

Well done, Byron! You both sounded great. I think that’s my favorite of the covers you’ve posted.

Open Mics happen every couple of months, next one is a testimonial event for Richard. Call for interest runs here #community-open-mic-events:community-open-mics

Thanks David!

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Sweet! Thanks J.W.C! Yeah i think i agree. I actually tapped my foot on this one and i think that helped? I usually dont do that but i did it on this one.

Bytron, I loved seeing and hearing you and your mom performing. She has lovely vocals. You too! Oh to be able to play like you! Well done.

Aww thanks pkboo happy you liked it :slight_smile: I never ever listened to the lyrics of this song until recently and I tell you it’s a really good song lol. Keep rocking!!!

Great job, both of you. NIce production as well.

Good stuff, Mr B! Play on playa. :slight_smile:

Thanks you guys! Of course CT always!!! Lol. :smiley:

Hi Byron and MB,
Wow, this one got by me. Lots of stuff going up and at times, hard to keep up. Glad this came back up and I caught it.

Play was great. Some good stretching, interesting strumming pattern and more! On vox, you 2 blend very well together! Nicely done all around.

Now about that electric guitar??? :slight_smile: I have not heard this in years, but if memory serves (often it does not), this was originally done electric? Let me know if I am off on that… Your version was cool, but if you were cranking an electric - well, even better I think.

You have to get MB in the mix more!

All the rock’n best and be well,

Thanks LBro, im glad you caught it in time!!! :slight_smile: Yeah i think this one is probably one of my best videos yet honestly. As far as electric i sadly dont own one Lol. I ended up selling all my electrics like a moron lmao. I’m mainly all acoustic, but i think it would sound pretty good on an electric though. Yeah your right the original was done on electric!!! :smiley: Me and MB will for sure have to do more!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the listen and comment!

Nice. That was really good Byron.

Hi again,
Yeah - I recall you said you offed the electric(s). My proding was a nudge to consider getting another electric at some point. :grinning:

I went back and took in a live, original band video of this one. I had forgotten how much the bass plays a part in this song too. They sure rocked it good.

Your acoustic version served the song well and well done indeed!

Maybe you will find a Les Paul under the Christmas tree this year?

ROFL yeah that would be cool haha. Or a strat :d

Thanks frito I’m happy you liked it!!! Hopefully I’ll have more like this to come!!

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Who else thinks this is my best one yet!? :sunglasses:

Good job on your OM David I quite enjoyed it! Thanks for posting the video!

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