Amazing guitarist

I recently discovered John Butler’s Ocean & was so amazed… his playing style is phenomenal! I am so inspired watching guitar players whose skill level seems to be from another planet!

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Absolutely, I often wonder how that’s possible :hushed:.

By the way, Welcome to the community, Tod :hugs:.

Again on this guitar heroes topic, when it comes to classical guitar being used in unorthodox way (in non classical repertoire) Estas Tonne really stands out. He communicates in very emotional storytelling, beyond the fabric of reality.

“Strings of Bard” is a long piece but worth experiencing in it’s entirety. It twist and turns, changes and tells many different stories.

Letting the strings recite their own verses, Strings of a Bard is an acoustic poem honouring the journeys of the heroes of the past and those within each one of us.