Ann's Learning Log - 2022 Goals - resurrecting my guitar

Hi. Ann here… Happy New Year (2022) from Colorado USA. New to this community and not quite sure how it works. I found Justin about a month ago and have enjoyed his way of teaching. He seems to hit all the issues and interests that I have. So thank you Justin. I am now a fan.

I’m reading the book Justin suggested called ‘the inner game of music’. Fantastic so far. I’ll finish it as a short term goal

I watched the setting goals video and this is my attempt at accountability toward my goals. Feel free to ask me how I am doing and/or give my butt a kick to get into gear. :laughing: No need for that right now because I am very motivated. Here are my long, mid and short term goals

Long term: By June

  • To be able to play 5 (or more) campfire sing along songs from memory for others to sing along
  • To have 2 original songs that I can play (maybe just for me) - Completely recorded on garageband
  • When achieved find a larger reward to celebrate

Mid Term: By March 31 (3 months)

  • To overcome my anxiety of playing in front of others (directly or through video)
  • Complete grade 2 (and maybe grade 3 as well)
  • When achieved find a medium sized reward to celebrate
  • Record myself doing some blues Improv

Short term: By Feb 2nd (one month)

  • Structured practice 5 days/week.
  • Apply timed practice routines
  • Track all my practice and statistics within my practice
  • When achieved find a small reward to celebrate
  • Join a group live class and really focus on the basics
  • Finish the book ‘Inner game of music’

Learning Log Update:
I thought it was time for an update. I’m a little on the late side because I just forgot. But, my one month goals have gone well. Summarized here…

Short term: By Feb 2nd (one month)

  • Structured practice 5 days/week: I have achieved or exceeded this each week except when I was out of thown
  • Apply timed practice routines: I find this the best way to practice. I wish the app would register in the statistics of the website practice page.
  • Track all my practice and statistics within my practice: I didnt really track metrics since most exercises arent really measurable. ONly the fast chord changes.
  • When achieved find a small reward to celebrate: My reward is usually just an outing to a guitar store and playing the new guitars… shhhh dont tell the store manager
  • Join a group live class and really focus on the basics: Yes, I took a group class (level 2A) which was extremely boring. So I signed up for private lessons to accompany it. That was not very challenging either. Next month I have registered for a beginner Irish tunes group class with guitar and fiddle and probably other instrucments.
  • Finish the book ‘Inner game of music’ : Excellent book. I highly recommend it. It focuses on classical music but, easily applied to guitar.

Next steps: I am slowing down in my module completions. As soon as I get ‘summer of 69’ down, I will have finished module 11. Still getting up my nerve to video myself and post it on the video site… That will be the next big step for me.


Welcome to the community and this is awesome to see goals written out like this. I still consider myself a beginner, started in March and just finished Grade 1 in Justin’s lessons, so seeing the goals of others inspires me to keep working towards my own. Hope to hear you playing soon in the AVOYP section!

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Welcome Ann, that’s great that you have set yourself short term, mid term and long term goal. I’m sure you will achieve them all, so make sure you’ve set yourself some really good rewards as they are some great goals you’ve set yourself.

The community is full of excellent supportive people of various levels of experience that will help you along the way in achieving those goals. The community operates on a pay it forward basis.

With regards to your goal of play in front of others, the community has a section #all-about-your-music:audio-video-of-you-playing where you can post videos of your performances and get both encouragement and performance advice.

Now that you’ve mentioned the goal of 2 original songs, I look forward to hearing them.

All the best on your guitar journey.


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Welcome to the community. Having clear and specific goals has always helped me heaps. Keep smiling and enjoy the guitar journey. Look forward hearing songs you’ve recorded.

It’s great to have you here Ann, welcome.

You’ve got clear goals and well sequenced steps to take. I wonder what your rewards will be? One of the best ways of overcoming performance anxiety and Red Light Paralysis or Syndrome RLP/RLS is to make a video and share it. For your first videos this is for you. Ann’s First Videos

For your Blues improv you’ll find threads in the Guitar Challenges section For your Blues Improv

I’m looking forward to seeing you reach your goals and enjoying the rewards.

Welcome to the community, you’ll certainly get encouragement and all of the advice you need here; posting yourself playing for critique and for your own records is a great way forward!
Your schedule sounds good to me, maybe a little bit ambitious but there’s nothing wrong with that, just make sure you’re enjoying yourself no pressure! Looking forward to seeing your efforts on AVOYP and the challenge areas :+1:

Hi Ann and welcome to the comunity.

Well you are certainly in the right place but how it works is anyone’s guess! Just have a look around a get a feel for what’s going on. Many of the posts drop straight out of lesson on the website but general questions will also crop up. So if you are ever unsure of anything just asked and someone will be along to help.

As for the playing front of folks, recording in AOVYP is a good starting point and will provide good feed back. For the experience of playing in front of others and especially in these trouble times, why not join the audience for our next online Open Mic, its the nearest thing you can get from playing in front of a live audience.

The recordings from last year are here



Howdy Ann, welcome! I’m glad you mentioned that book - reminder for me that I was planning to read it. Great job setting goals and writing them down for accountability. Just be open to letting yourself adjust the goals as you move along. Best of luck, you have found the right teacher and courses, along with a great supportive community here!

Hi Ann, great to see such an inspiring Learning Log.

Just something stands out for me that I would maybe suggest you are flexible with as you develop.

You have:

The first of these is modest. The second of those is ambitious.
To work through and consolidate Grade 1 is likely a couple of months. See how a left-handed Justin did here: Nitsuj Grade 1 Practice |
Similarly Grade 2 will take time, perhaps a little more. Nitsuj Grade 2 Practice |

Why mention that? Because, as part of your consolidation of grades 1 and 2 you will be learning songs, learning songs, learning songs. Which means that your long-term goal of learning five songs will be smashed out of sight once you get through Grades 1 and 2.

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Welcome to the Community, Ann. Wish you well working towards your goals and look forward to hearing how you reward yourself as you achieve.

Thank you so much @Richard_close2u . That is great feedback. I am however finding the opposite so far and here is why. I am picking my guitar back up after a few years of not playing, but, I have previously worked my way up on the guitar so the lessons so far through grad 2 are review. But, I need the refreshers and the way that Justin teaches them are very interesting and well paced so I dont want to skip any. I probably will slow down when I hit module 3.

Memorizing and retaining songs is my downfall. I can practice to a point where I can play without prompts, but, then when I move on to another song, the previous songs seem to fly out the proverbial widow… I would love some hints on how to retain a repertoire of 5 (or more) songs in my brain.

Thank you @DavidP . I am looking forward to my first reward as well. I am open to suggestions for rewards. Maybe a new album (Vinyl); or maybe Justins second song book; or …

HI @Dave911 . I am really enjoying the book so far. I get very anxious when I play in front of anyone, and this book (so far) goes to the heart of our internal battles and how to overcome them. I recommend it so far

Oh @batwoman (love that name). Thank you. Those are great. Others suggested doing the open mic but, after watching the re runs, I dont feel I am good enough yet to do that (Maybe part of my 3 or 6 month goal) The video would be an easier way to get used to doing that.

I am looking forward to doing the blues improv. But, will do it in the timing of Justin’s modules. Right now I am working improv over straight key of C.

I love the potential of this program. It can take me a long way, and right now I am committed to using it to grow.

thanks again


Thank you James (@Socio ) … Thanks for the AVOY link. And keeping me honest on my songs. Look forward to learning from and with you. (PS: If you have reward suggestions, I’ll take 'em :smiley:

Ann you may have opened the floodgates, there are many here who have GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) and they will willingly help you spend your money :crazy_face: :bat: :laughing:

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Hi Ann, rewards to be little things like new Songbooks to larger things like a new guitar. In your post you say you want to write your own material, so it could even be something like GuitarPro software or similar.

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Or a year or more in my case :slight_smile:


For sure, I should have stretched the time range out. A couple of months is the minimum for good learning and some consolidation really. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback @Richard_close2u . I will adjust my Grade 2 expectations.

That actually hasnt been clear to me as I go through the modules. How long does Justin expect each lesson to be worked before moving on. It seems that you need to complete all the lessons before the practice module applies, which means going through them quite quickly.