Ann's Learning Log - 2022 Goals - resurrecting my guitar

Ann, I don’t recall Justin ever time-boxing anything. Take all the time you need to learn what has been taught in a lesson. Everybody learns at their own pace and many people also have some prior experiences before starting. It really doesn’t matter if it takes a week or a month or more. The crux is to lay that solid foundation.

I haven’t worked through the new grades, so take this from whence it comes. Perhaps it will be helpful to watch the Practice Video once you have watched the first lesson in the module and then apply from it as you progress through each lesson?


I would say the opposite is true, no need to go through anything quickly and as David says no timeline. Go through each at your own pace and make sure you can understand and apply each technique, chord etc. Also been honest with yourself and ensure you have things under your fingers before moving on.

I don’t think the lessons being marked complete, once you have watched the lesson is a good thing. In my opinion. You have not completed the lesson until you actually apply it and no doubt with it being marked complete, you feel compelled to rush through the content and get to the next one.

It was far better when the student had control of that and marked the lesson complete, when they were fully satisfied that they not only undertstood the content but was actually able to do them with some confidence.

I am working back through the first few grades for the new content and get frustrated when it tells me lesson is completed, when in my mind its just “watching the lesson” that’s completed.
Just MHO

Take it easy, be your own guide but always ask if not sure. You’ll be fine.



My approach was that I watched the lessons and got the basic techniques under my fingers until I knew them. At the point the transition of knowledge was done and I then needed to continue to practice to develop those skills and get them to a point where I was happy. Songs using those techniques then typically took much longer and I start the next set of lessons to build the knowledge in those areas continuing to practice the things I’d already learnt

As others have said there is no timeline as everyone learns differently and has a different amount of time to spend on learning guitar.

Thank you @Rossco01 and @TheMadman_tobyjenner . This is helpful. I have gone at a pretty good clip through things that I have learned and had mastered in the past, and now starting to hit areas that are more qualitative.

I’m getting into the improvisation, which is more creative than physical coordination drills. This is where I struggle in my attempt to be more musical and not just eye finger coordinated. I also found Justin’s ear training series which applies to these lessons, but, I’m afraid of attacking too much at the same time now.

I have 24+ items on my practice sheet now… That is probably too much. I need to narrow that down but, everything seems important and I dont want to loose what I have gained in the last month or so.

Again, thanks for your comments. I know I will find a happy level of learning soon

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