Any thoughts on what creates this tone?

I’m learning the lick at the start of this track.

I use a Pacifica 112V and Tonemaster DR with reverb added.

When this guy plucks the notes they sound fat and like he’s playing a trumpet! When I pluck the same notes it sounds like a clean electric & a bit thin.

Any idea what he is using? Is it the (hollow) body guitar creating that tone or likely some other effect?

B.B. King Style Blues Backing Track (A) - Quist - YouTube


Humbucker pickup, crank up the gain a bit.



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Bridge pickup, roll a bit of tone off and wind the gain up to the verge of breakup, control it with your volume on your guitar.

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Quist is a truly great player, well worth learning his chops. Excellent backing tracks as well. Here’s what he said in the comments:

2 years ago

thank you. It’s a gibson 335 from 1968 and I’m using Axe FXII+

He’s using a sweet amp and cab sim, it could be anything really. Personally I don’t hear a lot of gain, and it sounds like he’s got the tone knob turned up. That said, find the tone that you like, which may not be exactly what someone else is using. I would reach for my blues driver clone and a little bit of slapback analog delay and call it a day. I dabble with tone a lot, but spend very little effort approximating someone else.


Thanks everyone. Tried the various comments but still can’t get the guitar sounding like a trumpet!!! Think I’ll have to take Clint’s advice and just go with my own tone. Might also start learning to play the trumpet.