App Arrangements and BPM vs Song Lessons

Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, or it its a stupid question but I cant figure it out.

Im on module 8, and a couple of songs Im trying are Good Riddance and Brown Eyed Girl.

In both cases I cant work out why the App play-along version seems to be at odds with what is taught in the lesson (‘seems to be’ is important here as its obvioulsy a penny thats just not dropped with me yet).

Take Brown Eyed Girl. Lesson says a bar of g, one of c, one of g, one of d. Repeat x 4 then chorus/bridges are slight variations.

But the App has them at 1/2 a bar of each.

The app has the song at 150bpm, which other tab pages seem to agree with.

So if the bpm is the same as the ‘real’ song, how come theres only half a bar of each in the app?

If I try and strum old faithful its feels like I cant keep up, as I have to fit it in twice per bar.

I come across the same problem on Good Riddance - lesson talks about whole bars of each chord, but app has half bars depsite being at the same tempo.

I’m sure theres an obvious point im missing here, but can someone point it out to me? Thanks

Hi David I think by having a quick look and from own experience how to play Good Riddance when app is showing a full line of G chord it’s actually two bars and half of the line for each C and D are actually one bar each chord. If you watch Justin lesson on how he strums old faithful he does two sequences of DDUUDU for G chord which indicates these are two bars.

What I am trying to say is probably it’s just the way it’s written down - mind thinks one line is one bar but clearly it’s two at least in this instance. Hope this makes sense?

Actually, I just got home and checked the brown eyed girl on the app, and I think I’ve conflated two things into one.

On brown eyed girl I just can’t keep time against the app. But play against a metronome set to the same BPM and I’m fine. It’s got me wondering if the app timing wanders a bit. Then being at work I misremembered the issue and conflated it with the good riddance two chords to a bar thing.

I’m going to delete my post in a little while to save any more confusion!

WRT to Good Riddence, Justin does indeed say “2 bars of G” on the website video, but the app shows only 1 bar of G, at 94 BPM. So your confusion was justified.

Perhaps he meant “2 old faithful patterns on G” ???

In any case, 2 OFs on G, and one each on C and D sounded OK to my ear.

For what it’s worth, I was just able to hang on to the strumming at full tempo…it felt fast! If I was planning to add it to my repertoire, I would drop the tempo to something more comfortable - maybe 80% - in the app, and work it up from there.

Oh, I totally overlooked this. I am practicing the song for a while, but doing only one OF for G, half OF for Cadd9 and another half OF for D, like shown in the app.

Next time I will try doing doubled OF, but that will become damn fast for me.