App version 3.2.2 issues

@MusopiaApps The new version hangs on the splash screen when I try to run it on my 1st gen iPad Pro 12.9".

Tried 3 force quits and 1 device reboot - no joy.


Hi and we’re sorry to hear that you are having issues with the app at the moment!

Can you please try to uninstall and reinstall the app to see if this has an effect on the issue?

Please get in contact with us via: if this does not work so we can assist further :slight_smile:

@MusopiaApps Will I lose all my marked favourites and lesson progress if I reinstall?

You will definitely lose all your favourites and playlists. Not sure about lesson progress I use the website for that.

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I re-installed as suggested by @MusopiaApps, and everything is now OK. Favourites and lesson progress was preserved.

In addition, the bug that did not show new songs properly is now fixed.

Whoops spoke too soon… :frowning:

Now none of the songs will play. Sent request for tech support.

Are you sure you fully uninstalled and reinstalled? I’ve done so on both my phone and Bluestacks emulator multiple times and it has never once preserved my favourites. Unless this is a new feature…?

I just uninstalled and reinstalled to check and my favorites were saved. Not sure about progress though. Could be a new feature because I don’t remember mine saving before.

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