Apple/Android for app use


I have signed up to the beginner app on the yearly plan. I downloaded it on my Google phone first, then for some reason I also downloaded it on my iPad and paid for the subscription.

I then went back to my phone and it’s telling me I don’t have access.

Is this app seriously telling me I can’t use it on two different platforms??? Even when I have paid for full access?



I could be wrong but as for as I know Apple Apps are not compatible with anything but Apple
products. So the Apple version of your app will not work on your Android phone.
Contact the Musopia they may have a work around for you.

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Yes. I went through this as well. The platforms and (non-Justin associated) profits are not interchangeable. So if you want to use on both platforms, you need to pay for both platforms.

I just want to be clear, this is an issue with Apple and Android, not Justin Guitar.

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Hi Claire.
Sadly, because iOS (Apple Store) and Android (Play Store) are entirely separate corporations, purchases are not compatible between them. This is not a JustinGuitar App issue but something bigger.
There is a FAQ here detailing fully. Sadly there’s not much that can be done.
That said, it is definitely worth contacting Musopia to discuss options.

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But it’s something being sold and pushed on Justin Guitar.

If there was a login at some point it wouldn’t be an issue. Other Apps get round it that way. My Google play account and my Apple ID both point to the same email address. It seems mad that I would be expected to pay twice to use two of my own different devices.

I did contact Musopia last week but have heard nothing yet.

It is indeed a JustinGuitar ‘product’ … Justin has no control over the duopoly of the selling platforms.
Did you use the Musopia / Justin contact address in post 2 of this topic?

Yes I did, thanks. I messed up the first time round as I put .com instead of .net and it bounced back.

Technology is not my friend at the moment. I have paid for very few apps in my life and this has just peed me off a bit.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the content and am happy to pay for it - the free stuff he does is unbelievably generous - I just didn’t read or hear a single thing about not being able to use it across platforms. I think I’m pretty glad I paid for it on the iPad as I would have been even more annoyed if I’d paid on my phone and couldn’t use the iPad!

Having it on a tablet with a bigger screen is better I’m sure.
Sorry that this happened
Im not an app user and have never paid for an app of any sort.
Im just passing on what I have learned.
Are you content with the way things are? No issues to resolve?

@MilleD If you want the App on your Phone maybe you could get a refund from the Apple Store.
Then buy it from Google play.
These big corporations don’t play nice with each other and do their best to screw the end user.
Sadly both Apple and Google want their profits so if you want the app on both you need to
pay for both Apps.

I think it boils down to the fact that Apple plays nice with no-one :smiley:

I think it will be easier to use on the iPad as it’s bigger. I dislike Apple which is why I don’t have any other Apple devices, but that’ll teach me I guess :smirk:

I’ll have to see if Musopia have anything useful.


Apart from this rather large issue do you mean? I’ve not noticed anything else yet.


Sorry if I wasnt clear.
Are you still hoping for some action / intervention / resolution?
Did you pay for a full year on both platforms?
Ifvso then that is rough.
A lot of this is outside Justin’s control but he does aim to keep people happy and prioritises customer care.

Noooooo, I didn’t pay on both platforms!!

I was hoping that maybe Musopia might have a workaround, but from what you are saying that looks unlikely.

I bought the printed songbook too so I’ve got that and I can access the lessons on the website on my phone if needs be.


Don’t forget all the lessons are available on the website. OK you don’t get the song app side of it but the song lessons are available as well. Just giving you options. Laptops and monitor screens way bigger then tablets and phones. :wink:


Toby (not an app user :smiley: )

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Thanks Toby.

Yeah, I have been using those on the laptop (sadly my desktop died recently - like I said, tech isn’t on my side at the mo!).

So I realise there are options, just didn’t expect this stumbling block.

I’ll get over it :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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That is a relief.

Are you happy for me to not to see if I can assist further?

I will see what Musopia say.


I am using a tablet ( Kindle fire ) to run the lessons via a browser on the bigger screen and because using a kindle I am limited to the Amazon app store which does not carry the app, I got the app on my phone.

I would suggest, if you want on both devices, to use browser on the Ipad, then the Android app on the phone. Both are linked to the same login, so lessons done on one, or songs saved to personal song book are reflected on the other device. @MilleD.
Means I have to use the phone to play along with.

You can “side load” the Google Play store onto an Amazon device. It really isn’t that hard to do and there will be plenty of guides on YouTube to help. Once you’ve done that you can download most apps from Google to your tablet.

There appears to be some risk. I am happy using browser on the tablet for lessons and practice assistant and the phone for song practice. The OP may need two Apple or two Android devices to run the app on both for the same subscription. Thanks though. :slightly_smiling_face: