Appropriate place for certain video posts? AVOYP vs Learning Log?

Hi community! Just wondering what the proper protocol is for posting videos of works in progress for the purpose of tips and advice?

I’ve shared one video so far on the AVOYP, but I’d like to share a new one of a song that I’m working on in its early stages. I don’t have a learning log, and wondering if those are more for self documentation, sort of like a timeline of progress, and not so much for advice…or if they serve both purposes?

Which is the best place for me to share something that’s in the works, mistakes and all ? :sweat_smile:

Thank you!


Hi Heather there is no simple answer to this one, all up to you. I would suggest doing something like @mari did with Gary Moore’s song, a work in progress post where you’ll be updating how you getting on.

Learning Logs are great but if you are after more people giving you piece of advice I think a new post where you would be posting updates in comments would suit best. Hope this makes sense :blush:

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Thank you so much! I’ll do that :blush:

I thought about AVOYP vs Learning Log for my post earlier today and decided on AVOYP to basically not clog up my Learning Log with multiple versions of the same song. I was thinking I would update my learning log maybe every 6 months or so, then I could group any multiple versions together. Or leave the early ones out and just include the final version lol

Makes sense. I feel like I’m too early on for the learning log thing. I mean, I’m mostly still banging out chords with a basic strumming. Feels premature to do the log to me. But also, I’m not sure I know how the log is supposed to be done, because I’m really new here.

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My thought on the LL is to put whatever you want in it! Many of us who came over from the old Forum put a lot of the AVOYP posts we had up there in our LL here (it was called Roadcase in the old Forum), but more than that lots of folks also copied over what they had included in their Roadcase for their guitar learning journey. I would say it would be entirely ‘appropriate’, it would be great, to post how your guitar learning journey is going, right from Day 1. When you’ve been on this journey a few months, and then beyond that a few years, wouldn’t it be amazing to go back and see wow that was Day 1, and this is my 1 year anniversary (or whatever). It’s definitely up to you, but if you want to start your LL then at the beginning would be a great time to do that :smiley:



I would agree with Adi and Mari, posting a WIP in AOVYP will get more feedback in my opinion, which will be of more benefit to you, especially if you solicit advice. Having said that I did drop my tentative “return to fingerstyle” video’s into my Learning Log but only got a handful of replies and mainly from folks who I knew would be supportive or at least interested in what I was up to !

Looking forward to hearing more, wherever its posted.




Heather, my 2cs … and those are somewhat worthless South African cents :laughing:

Firstly, I wouldn’t over think too much. There is certainly no Community Police Force that will issue fines for poor Category choice. Sometimes there are more appropriate choices and the Mods will just move and explain.

So either in your LL or in AVOYP would be fine.

I recently made a choice, smart or otherwise, to start a topic in #community-hub:what-are-you-learning. I decided to have a crack at some of the first steps in Blues Lead play (string-bending, vibrato, and a few licks). I shared my immediate plan and have to date posted up to progress videos.

I did receive feedback, much as Toby said, from a few of the old regulars that know me and have been supporting me from my first baby steps. That was sufficient for my needs. I may have received more feedback if posted in AVOYP. Posting in my LL, as some people suggested might be a better choice, would probably not get more attention and comments.

At some point I will record some noodling, attempting to use what I am learning. I am most likely to post that in AVOYP.

WRT LL: As Mari said, your LL is really your own and you can use it in whatever way you want to. My LL is more of a Journal. I update it periodically, mostly to reflect on what I’ve been doing and achieved since the last published episode. It also contains some standard content to link people to my recordings, share my gear inventory, and links to every episode of the journal (should anybody be interested in reading about my adventure).

The new Community platform has now been running about a month. And from where I sit it is way busier, many more posts, than the old Forum. That is great in many respects but does mean that it has become beyond me to read and reply to every post every day.

Different people will develop their own habits in participation. I am gravitating towards giving priority to posts in LLs and AVOYP and then things that catch my eye for whatever reason, perhaps the topic is interesting or the poster is somebody I am following (to a degree).


Heather, good question.

Please note the advice given in this post: About the 📣 Audio / Video of You Playing category - #3 by Richard_close2u

I’m half tempted to think of adding in another sub-category which is specifically to post avoyp asking for feedback to improve - but that would run counter to our intitial start-up aim of keeping the categories and navigation simple where possible.