Apr 2023 - 4 fingerstyle songs

Hi Mari,
These were great! I am totally into the whole fingerstyle play as well and dabbling with Hybrid picking. Your “slap” is on point. Not easy to do that and let your fingers fall back in place - in time lol.

beautiful guitar!


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@pamelak855 thank you Pamela! It took quite a long time to learn a slapping technique, and it still does trip up the timing sometimes lol.

Mari, I’m well impressed…I can’t say much more than what it has already been said.

I completely agree with James

and with David too when he says it sounds like you’ve been playing fingerstyle for a long time!
Bravissima! :clap::clap::clap: endless clapping for your musicality which really shines and shows strong in these performances!

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@SILVIA thank you so much for listening and for your very kind words :slightly_smiling_face:

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Very nice Mari, keeping the bass run going in Stand By Me was pretty impressive. Finger independence is a hard skill to master.
You must have spent those first 21 hours wisely to have knocked out the other 3 song in 7.
Just goes to show if you learn something right the first time the rest fall into place a lot quicker.
:+1: :+1: :beers:

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I loved your performance at the OM and here. And, as a beginner, none of your mistakes were apparent to me - I thought your playing was lovely, your hours of practice really paid off :heart:

And to echo everyone else, I am also very impressed with the simultaneous bass and treble in Stand By Me. Really enjoyed listening to all of these!

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@stitch thanks Rick. I knew when I started working on Stand by Me that the only difficult thing would be the independent bass & melody lines - but I thought it sounded pretty cool when I first heard the arrangement so I wanted to learn it! I’d still like to get the melody line a little more prominent, but I’m happy enough with it now. And agreed on learning something right the first time. I wasted the first couple of hours trying to figure out how to get that slapping sound without checking out any lessons - as it was a presumed already-learned-skill for the lesson I was using - and when I finally took the time to go through several lessons by different teachers (including Justin of course) I finally figured it out. Hopefully I remember that for the next skill I want to learn :slight_smile:

@southpaw6 thank you Hilary, I appreciate all the comments. I think it’s good to review performances for strengths and weaknesses, but I went a little hard on myself for my OM performance. After all, it’s really just an afternoon (or evening) of music with supportive friends :slight_smile:

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Hi Mari,
I took in Stand by me as it was the most recognizable song title of the 4 by me. I was not disappointed and really liked what you did. Great play and sounded very good to my ears. Nice job on a great song and you can cross 1 off the list! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good vibe and let them fingers do that talkin!

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@LBro thanks for the listen and comments, glad you liked the song :slightly_smiling_face:

Bravo Mari, all four of those were outstanding. Loving the percussive hits in the songs. I thought the timings all sounded good.

Those nerves are a pain aren’t they? It’s odd how even an accomplished guitar player like yourself can still suffer from them. Keep fighting the good fight.

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@SgtColon thanks Stefan, I’m glad you liked them

‘Keep fighting the good fight’ - indeed!! :slightly_smiling_face:

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