Ariana Grande - Dangerous woman solo

Hey everyone!

Here’s a little cover of the solo in dangerous woman:

I know it’s not perfect, but I think it’s a decent attempt nonetheless. I’m not used to playing ‘fast’ at all, so I really had to step out of my comfort zone for this one. Like I still need to practice a bit more with the metronome and work on my picking technique.
But I think this cover turned out alright!

What do you guys think? :slightly_smiling_face:

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Edit:Hi, what I think is that you should read these lines (link) i post because you have opened 7 topics and only posted 2 replies, I have previously pointed out to you that with such a track record people will not really respond enthusiastically to your video 's who (given your YouTube site and 1.11K followers) go a little further than beginner and you seem more interested in attracting people to your YouTube page, and you show no further interest in other people here despite attempts to involve you earlier…

Edit to avoid confusion in response to a question early this morning…

Greetings ,Rogier


Sounded good to me, Brent, but I don’t know the solo so can’t comment on accuracy and not good enough to comment on bend accuracy.

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Thank you, I’m glad it sounds good then! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, no reason to be so irritated because with these comments you have doubled your number of total posts, and therefore you never responded before to comments and questions from others in one of your 6 previous topics… You would like feedback? others want that too and that is why I shared the link . Because

I think I explained that clearly

Cool :sunglasses:
You are absolutely right about this, this was a wrong assumption on my part, sorry about that, but believe me when I say that this happens with such regularity that I hope you will forgive me for this and your statistics do not speak in your favor at all. ,but again sorry about that…


Brent, you are most welcome. Please don’t take the question personally (though I appreciate it is direct). We do have occasions when people try to make use of the Community as a channel to market their own music, without being active and participating in the way we strive for in the Community. I look forward to more from you and as time permits.

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Lol. How old are you? Hope your endeavours go well!! Leaving like that just kinda proves a point in my opinion. Rock on!!

Hi Brent,
Have you really decided to leave the Community because one person suggested you respond to members’ comments or give feedback yourself? :thinking:

Playing guitar is indeed all about having fun and improving :smiley:
There are hundreds of thousands of members who contribute absolutely nothing and nobody minds. Being an active member of this community is interacting with others in a positive way: sharing a bit of background, how you came to this site and helping out others the way they help you.

The Community doesn’t really care if you are young or old, a newbie or experienced. It does care about a positive attitude. Most disagreements boil down to misunderstandings and poor communication.
(Indeed, Rogier has acknowledged and apologised for a wrong assumption he made)
It’s up to you whether you wish to continue enjoying what you have till now, or leave.

I’m not sure how you ‘deactivate’ your account, but meanwhile, if you switch off notifications and don’t visit the site, it should have the same effect.
Wishing you luck with whatever you decide to do :smiley:


Hi Brent, it’s an easy mistake to make reading too much into someone’s YT subcriber account when you don’t know anything about the person.

This to me has been blown out of proportion and could have easily been avoid if you had took the time to introduce yourself to the community as suggested by @DavidP on your very first post.

If you haven’t already left the community, I’d highly recommend you post an introduce yourself post as the community members do really like to get to know each others musical background story.

I know life can get busy but if you do raise a post asking for people’s feedback or advice it is only fair to make the time to acknowledge/respond to those that took the time to respond to you.

I’d also highly recommend that when you do have a some free down time to take the opportunity to engage in others posts as it is very rewarding.

Wish you all the best with your guitar learning adventure wherever it may take you.


Hi James, and those others who agree with you, I totally disagree with how you approached this, but since this is not the first time it must be just me, Lets wait what bp think of it ???
I will stop and not come back to it…

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Hi Rogier, regardless of whether I think that post was necessary or not, I totally respect your opinion and you’re still my favourite dutchman :smiley:

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I think replies that digress from focus on the original Topic post are part and parcel of Community life. That said, when in choppy water, probably prolonging once things have been settled is less likely to be helpful, particularly a side back and forth.

More that said …

@Socio knowing you and inferring your intention, James, I think this sentence can too easily be misintrepreted. I believe that the ‘do so’ was a suggestion to post an introduction in Introduce yourself ... however given the word order and choice, it could be easily intrepreted to be a suggestion that @winteverywhere leave the Community. I’ll go out on a limb and say I am absolutely sure this was not your intention.

@roger_holland Roger, I’m not sure what you disagree with and don’t want to prolong the back and forth.

I do suggest that if you (or any other member) has concerns with how anybody posts and replies, the best approach to deal such concerns would be a Direct Message to at least the Mods and if you feel comfortable and able to offer feedback in a helpful way, also to the member concerned. You can of course also flag posts to engage the Mods who can take appropriate action.

I think airing concerns either directly or by inference as part of an active Topic has a reasonable liklihood of starting the kind of exchange we strive to avoid.

Now I suggest we move on and focus any replies to be comment on the original post, which in this case is a recording.

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If you were a gambling man you would be rich. You are absolutely right about my intention of that sentence. I have amended the wording slight, hopefully, it is more clearer that I was referring to make a introduce yourself post.

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