B7 troubles

have a look at this lesson https://www.justinguitar.com/guitar-lessons/e-shape-chords-dominant-7th-4b-003

I do that one, as well as G to B7 that I need for a particular song.

That’s well passed my level of learning but having had a quick look doesn’t look too hard!! I’ll have a better look/read later.

That’s right and what I meant.
When you’re playing the B7 (as opposed to B) at the 7th fret you need to raise your pinky/lift your little finger/fourth finger/whatever you want to call it, to get the A (7th) note.
Sounds like you’re sorted anyway :smiley:

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Ah, sounds like you’re using a B7 barre chord.
My progression was open chords.
All good stuff. Keep practicing!

Hello Stuart, oh, that sounds very familiar to me. One of the songs that I’m currently practicing has got the same chord progression. And yes, the G to B7-change is one of the bigger hurdles. But I slowly get there. I do OMCs before practicing the song. This seems to help a bit.


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:thinking:… but…why not?! You drop the bpm and go with your 4 downstrums to the bar and since it also induces some panic it seems all good practice to me…even if the chord will ring out perfectly maybe only 6 or 7 times out of 10. Just my thought. :blush:

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