Back in black - AC/DC (cover)

That was epically great, I really need to learn some cool stuff like this one. Or You Shook Me, I’d be happy to play that one too lol

Well that was marvelous… brings me back in time when my four brothers would play this all day long.

Nice play along to a great song!!! Congrats man!

Now here’s Back in Black by Nate, with AC/DC. You lit it up! :boom::fireworks: :fire: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar: :guitar:

Nicely played, Nate. You’ve clearly put in a lot of work and dedication; keep it up!

Really good!

Good lord! That nearly blew may head off. Life is loud!

Excellent playing Nate. Very impressive to watch.

Only gripe from me is, it just doesn’t look right being played sat down. :smiley:

That was amazing! Just watching the economy of motion on your chord changes was impressive.

Now this is awesome! Killed it.

Wow! So good! I don’t know what I like more: the actual playing or you just looking like it is the easiest thing in the world :rofl:

Impressive, look forward to the next cover you treat us with!

Wow :open_mouth:. That sounds great!! Nothing to add :clap::clap::metal:

Timing is absolutely spot on, nice work.

Really enjoyed that, great playing and tone.

How did you get the track without guitar for the backing track? That made it awesome.

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Thank you!

I used this: AC/DC Back in black Backing Track (with vocals) - YouTube for backing track.

Cab: shure sm58 microphone in front of a Marshall MX212 cabinet.
Amp: Marshall DSL1H (can’t remember exact settings but it was on Ultra Gain Channel)
Guitar: Gibson Les Paul
Pedals: In the front: MXR Dyna Comp (both knobs set to 12 o’clock ) → Green Mile (its a cheap TS clone. everything 6 o’clock hot switch engaged)
Effects loop: HOF reverb → Boss EQ7 (can’t remember settings on those :expressionless:

I used a daw (reaper) to mix backing track and guitar parts. Then I used Final Cut Pro to generate the final video which uses mixed audio track from reaper instead of the one from webcam.


Thank you! Next cover is You shook me it’s almost ready :slight_smile:

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For whatever reason that’s a lot more of a setup than I expected! Really good recording and mixing.

That backing track channel will be useful - had no idea it existed.


Great job. Top tone.
Super tight playing. Great solo work.

If I had the ability to play this I think I’d still fail as I wouldn’t be able to sit still - the inner Angus would takeover too much and I’d end up like Marty Mcfly.

The vocalist has done a good job too.


Very nice job! I think you def did it justice! Congrats man!

Well done. This one’s on my list to learn.