Batwoman's Learning Log

@DavidP I can’t help smiling at the nice people who are good enough to listen to me, and there are moments of pure joy for sure, especially when I make it to the end without a major car crash :dizzy_face:

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Well Maggie what mind once saw cannot stop seeing it :grin: amazing story and I love this new RC!

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That’s a great summary road case Maggie and I’m sure I’ve not seen some of those pictures before. You look so relaxed and happy in some of them. You’ve come a long long way as a performer.

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@adi_mrok You stick to your story and I’ll stick to mine Adi :rofl: It’s taken me a while to look through my Forum RC and pick out the highlights, so many lovely things written there. Lots and lots of good memories of wonderful friendship, understanding, encouragement and celebration. I love you people :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Rossco01 Thankyou Jason. Some I’ve never posted before. I may post some of the OM videos :crazy_face:

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@batwoman Great summary Maggie. Enjoyed reading these again. :sunglasses:

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Are you running a VPN? Sometimes that will interfere.

Best wishes,


A terrific Road Case now Learning Log summary there Maggie. The happiness shines out of you the whole way through! :smiley: I’m looking forward to the next instalment.

I’ve only just come across this. This new site is so busy compared to the old forum.

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What a lovely story Maggie, I can remember most of it and have a couple of flashbacks to a few other bits that made me smile, like where you used to go down to the beach to play and sing to the Ocean and the wildlife!
It’s been an amazing story, the high point being Cedar, what a beautiful Guitar!
Looking forward to the future to see what it brings!

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I am totally impressed! That is soo awesome!
You are a great example for us beginners!
Thank you soo much for sharing!

And your guitars are beautiful! :star_struck:

Chocolate Jesus is one of my favorite songs! :notes:

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Thanks for the suggestion, but it was the settings against the videos in Youtube Studio.



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@DarrellW Thanks Darrell, you’ve bought back a lovely memory for me, singing to my bat pups. Their favourite was

Rock a bye battie, in a tree top
When the wind blows
No battie will drop.

This is 21 day old Ned, who unfortunately did fall from a tree. He was on his mother who died in a Heat Event. When she dropped to the ground, so did he. My coordinator handed him to me saying “He’s not going to make it, let’s give him a chance though”. It was touch and go for days.

I’m glad to say he is now flying wild and free.

:bat: :bat: :bat:


@Katiiie I’d love to hear you playing it Katie. It’s an easy song Choc J for Katie

I play it with the capo on 2.

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@sairfingers I hear you! I’m still finding stuff from weeks ago. There sure are some happy memories.

Great story Maggie! It’s always a delight to be able to play with you and see you on stage. Keep up the posts, you are an inspiration and a treasure.

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Such an inspiring journey. So sad about Ned’s mom.

Thanks for sharing!

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Very special, very well done… :heart_eyes: :sunglasses:
With a deep bow ,Rogier

@tony that’s so generous of you Tony, thankyou. I look forward to the day we can jam again.

@Endureth Unfortunately she was one of 10,000+ who died that day, and that was in our local area.

@roger_holland thankyou for reading and thankyou for your humbling comments.


Maggie! Just read your comment in my introduction post as well as your own introduction (if I recall correct) and thought “What a great name and already good experience even though she might be a young gal - with the name and everything”.

Coming here and reading about your awesome story, your progress and performances, seeing how thoroughly you documented your journey and how much effort you spent to illustrate it, I am actually blown away.

Thank you very much for sharing it with us.
I am sure this motivates many people, young and not-so-young-anymore in various aspects of life, not just learning guitar. Looking forward to seeing more of your progress as well as seeing you in an virtual OM here in the community.


@Kutzsche Gosh Martin you’re so nice. I hope it wasn’t too much of a shock when you learned that batwoman is an old bat :bat: :grinning:

We need young gals and guys to train as wildlife rescuers and carers because we old ones will die out, taking our skills with us.

I’m glad my story has perhaps encouraged you to dive in, live without regret and realise your dreams.

I can’t resist sharing this photo. My first season as a carer. Zig Man, Sylvie, Freckles, getting their sunshine. I must state clearly that I’m a registered, vaccinated (for rabies) carer and as such am allowed to handle them. Bats are not the be handled otherwise.