Beginner 1 module 3

Hi all, first of all not sure this is where to post this, if it’s not please advise.

I just finished the module 3 of the beginner 1 and it didn’t setup a practice session like the other two module. Any suggestions?

I also use the Justin’s learn and songs app and the practice session didn’t add the Seven Nation Army riff in the practice session, any suggestions? I don’t think I can add it manually.


Hi @Adrienjp
Did you view this: Module 3 Practice |

Cheers :blush:
| Richard_close2u | JustinGuitar Official Guide & Approved Teacher

Yes I did!

Wow I really thought I would get more feedback on this issue. Not sure if I didn’t explain it correctly or if there is no issues.


Are you doing all this on the app , or are you using a computer or tablet as well ?
I don’t have the app as I do everything on my laptop. So I can’t help you with that part.

The link that Richard gave you has a link on the bottom of the practice page, where you can add the whole practice routine.
The practice tab is on the right under the video.
As for adding the riff manually to your practice routine you can. Watch the practice assistant video(7:24 in the video) Justin shows you how to add to your routine.
I saved the video in my favorites’ to be able to go directly to the video.
Hope that helps.

Thank you for your feedback greatly appreciated!

I mostly use the app, but I also you the website on my iPhone. I will go to the website later and try to add it in.