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Thanks to everyone for the encouraging feedback. I appreciate you all taking the time to have a look and offer words of wisdom :face_with_monocle:
I can see that I need to focus on my chord changes among other things.
It probably doesn’t show in the video but I really am finding this a lot of fun!



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Bravo, Phil, such a huge step to make a recording. You are doing really well, making excellent progress.

Just keep doing what you are doing, practicing the essentials to improve chord fingering and changing, playing songs as you go, making periodic recordings.

Look forward to your next!


@philsmith well done Phil and kudos for posting. Sounded very much like the original which is good. I would however practice it slower at the moment so you get some of those chord changes spot on.

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Well done, nice steady strumming and chord changes; a very good start to recording yourself for future reference.


@philsmith House of the Rising Sun

Well done Phil. I big first step.
@adi_mrok got in there with most of the important encouragement and critique all wrapped up in one. My one addition might be to slow it down some (it feels quick and you’re rushing the changes as a result) and ease off from strumming each and every single beat. Songs with a 6/8 tempo have accented (think louder) strums on the beats of 1 and 4 and less dynamic (think quieter) on the other beats. But … beats 2, 3, 5 & 6 are not all played all of the time. They can be omitted.
So you may have a pattern such as:

1, _, 3, 4, _, _

1, _, _, 4, 5, 6

1, 2, _, 4, 5, _

Richard :slight_smile:


Thanks, yes I get ahead of myself doing what I think I should be able to do rather than what I comfortably can

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thanks, it is amazing the extra pressure that a flashing red light can add.

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Thanks Richard, I tried the other versions, with 2 strums per bar, and the raked? chords. I considered recording a verse of each but making the transitions never goes smoothly. Having done it once, hopefully future attempts won’t be as hard.

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Hey, that was great, Peter! Good consistent strumming all the way through with steady foot tapping. You are on the right path!


The best part of this one was that you did it! You recorded yourself and shared it with us. :-). Now you have that under your belt. I don’t think you are looking for in depth criticism here on your first post (nor am I qualified to do that), so the only thing I will say is it felt very rushed. Pretty natural under the circumstances, I think. Great job!

[ETA]. I thought you did a good job on emphasizing the 1 and 4 in the 6/8 strumming. @Richard_close2u has good feedback on allowing some variation in the pattern, but I commend you for pretty consistently nailing the 1&4 beats.


Congratulations on your first recording.
I see that you have add lots of good feedback so far, so for me nothing more to add.

Its nice to see another Manc on the community. Look forward to your next video.


Congratulations on your first song posting Phil.

That was wonderful stuff. I really enjoyed it and I even had a sing along.

The good thing is, is that you can identify your errors and work on them but main is that you continued playing through them.

I’m looking forward to your next offering.


Thanks everyone for your comments and encouragement. I noticed in my practices since doing this I have been much more confident and have better progress. I definitely recommend everyone taking the step. Downside is I have spent time looking at mics and better ways of recording on youtube.


Hello, I am thinking of doing my first playing post using this safe space. I’m not completely sure how to do it. I would only want to post it here and don’t want a YouTube video. I have have some clips recorded on my laptop which are MP4. Not very sure how it all works. Do I just upload the file? Is MP4 a compatible format? Finally, would it only appear here? I think that’s the idea of this section of the forum. If anyone could answer these questions or advise that would be great thanks.


Hi Bob, great news that you’re ready to post a recording. I understand you don’t want a YT video, but it might be worth telling you that you can mark the video Unlisted. This means that the only way the video can be viewed is for viewers to use the link you provide here.

You could also use Google Drive or Dropbox or similar. All you need to do after uploading to one of these platforms is to give us the link that will take us there.

mp4 is a compatible format for YT. Not sure about the other platforms.

The only place your video will be seen is here, and you can take it down any time you wish.

I hope this helps.



That’s great, Bob, recording and sharing can contribute significantly to your growth and learning.

@batwoman has answered all the questions. If you need any more help, just keep asking and we’ll help you figure it out.


Go for it Bob, this space is indeed safe and you can list any shared recordings as unlisted for viewing here only with the link you provide!

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I think if Bob lists his recordings as private then only he can view them. My understanding is that you have to mark them as unlisted and then only those with the link, in this case forum members, can view his video.


Thanks to @batwoman @DavidP and @Richard_close2u. You have answered all my questions so I feel OK about posting here now. I recorded a batch of stuff on Sunday and looked at some with my wife last night. If I can’t show it to her not much point posting it online right? So we picked something and if I get time today I will upload it. Just wanted to say thanks for the advice first.

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