Best advices for young guitarists

Hi everyone! Thought of making a thread asking some questions that might inspire some great ideas, for young guitarists.

Should I go ahead and learn song and pick up the useful techniques from artist I enjoy? (Which I have been doing so far)
Or study the music theory and techniques I may have missed? (And the ear training, I have neglected it T.T)
Or going through some scale practicing for improvisation?
Or just watch some random vids from famous guitarist talking about their experiences and perhaps some interesting licks?

Outside of learning guitar, it is fun to record myself, learn about EQing and FXs. There so much to learn about mixing (and music production), I think I should learn and master the plugins I own (iZotope toolkit is just amazing :smile:)

And oh, I have picked up piano recently and it gives me some insights on learning, chords construction and how you harmonize melody =) Pianists have their ways of doing it and it is eye-opening :heart:

Well back to guitar talks, what advice would you give to young budding guitarist? Appreciate everyone who give suggestions to these guitar learning questions, no matter how long you been learning and making music. Thank you and wish you a great day!


Nice idea Vincent, I think for me it comes back to the mantra that’s the foundation of Justin’s course, and is repeated by so many of us here:

Learn songs, songs, songs…none of us have decided we want to play an instrument to play scales so underpin all of your efforts with songs, they are what will make you and others smile more than anything else.


delete young, insert beginner, intermediate and advanced


Best advice is …
Learn with justin …do the course (not curse :smile:) from the beginning and if you can afford it, occasionally (or often) play face to face with a good (inform well)teacher…simpel :sunglasses:


i’m watching you…


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:joy: :rofl:
I’m literally shaking with laughter and it hurts a little :laughing:

Hi Raymond, maybe I should talk about guitar skills in general instead of age :sweat_smile:

I was thinking about the next step I should be doing for guitar, and figured that it is good to ask questions instead, and lay out my next major focus =)

Hi Vincent,
What you wrote above almost makes it seem like you’re asking “us” that…is that right?
because if that is the case then that is ridiculous and I would rather ask you what my next step would be :flushed::joy:
there’s a chance I don’t quite follow it… :blush:
There are few here who can give you advice, I think… Lieven did that well once :sunglasses:

Edit: Oooo, Vincent, sorry I read a little better now and see that you are not asking it this way for yourself…Stupid Dutchman Stupid Dutchman Stupid Dutchman :confounded:

I’m in a hurry and shouldn’t look here at all… bye and I’m now on my way to a delicious Italian (no no not our Silvia :joy:… but Alberto`s Nijkerk :sunglasses:)

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ALL of the things;

be broad, let yourself be inspired from numerous and various angles!
not only guitar but music and even art in general.

Find a balance in work and fun; you don’t become a better musician in working only in technique.
You also need to feed the feelings and the love you give and take from music.
It takes practice and maintenance to speak that language as well.
That part should never feel like “work” though :wink:


Best Advice I can give is, “It’s gonna take longer than you’d like to get good at guitar. Accept this and enjoy the journey.”



Piano is great for adding to your musical knowledge. Really, any instrument is, but I think the piano is perfect for visualizing chords and intervals.

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You can be a young guitarist and an old person!


Advice to a younger, newbie guitarist?

Guitar is something you learn by doing, not reading books or watching videos. Your head needs the knowledge first to understand, but your fingers and hands need it to actually play. And they learn slowly. So practice, practice and play every day.

If you just watch videos or read books without practicing, you’re a guitar enthusiast, not a learner.


3 things.

1st - make it part of your life. Play every day, just 10 or 15 minutes, but make it habitual.

2nd - Songs songs songs. Learn to play your first song all the way through as soon as possible and then add to it with more songs.

3rd - Keep it fun. Find what is your groove and do that more than anything else. What ever it is that brings a smile to your dial.


Actually, I have the “tricks” x)

Just rediscover these helpful thoughts, and you got to have good guitar references (most likely video nowadays) to learn from, and do it every day.

Feeling inspired is the key too :sparkling_heart:

And here for the curious ones :upside_down_face:

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So one thing to ask myself, I think a well thought training plan is worth tenth times more than random practicing moment, right? This explain why I am able to learn so fast from well-planned online resources like Justin’s many years ago.

Knowing what you want to develop and then develop it meticulously would be much better than spray and pray, hoping the idea and technique will stick. But to come out one routine myself is hard; well I mean, to figure what I am lacking of and put that down in mind then working on it, is mentally exhausting… Yet this process is necessary to achieve something in short amount of time, simply being efficient.

Its all about learning, isnt it? :sweat_smile:

Hmm, I think it s all about PLAYING. Learning is just the means to the end.

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I agree with this. Piano is probably the best ‘first’ instrument. the visuals of scales and theory are more readily evident on piano. Plus it’s pretty tough to avoid learning to read music since there’s no tablature really for piano other than learning to read the treble and bass clefs.

for most people tho getting a piano is stupidly inconvenient and expensive (not a fan of entry level digital pianos at all, but that’s a completely different discussion).

that said, for young people (by that i mean elementary/middle school age) I think 1:1 face to face instruction is the best.

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