Best of You on the new electric 🙂

Thought you’d like a quick vid of me playing my new baby! Can’t do all of this track yet on account of not be able to smoothly get to the F#7add11 chord and my right wrist wanting to fall off half way through :joy:. Hope you like, happy Saturday all xx



Ha, it’s in one of Justin’s beginner song books. It’s not as bad as it looks but it is a new one that needs a bit of practice :slightly_smiling_face:

Haha yes. Sometimes the ones with the most complicated names turn out to be very simple.

I’ve just looked up the song and this is a case in point. The F#7add11 is a barre F# with the barre finger lifted to play strings 1&2 open.

You’ve certainly picked a song with some very different chords. Good job though and the new guitar looks and sounds great.

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Oh. What a name :rofl:. I’m going to look up which chord is it jeje

Very well played, and sung. Liz :slight_smile:

And your new baby is beautiful :heart_eyes:. Would love a pick to see it complete.

Cheers :metal::guitar:

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Sounding ever so good, Liz. Great job on the pumping 8s down-strumming.

Maybe try playing with the position of the neck to help with the wrist angle, both moving the headstock up and down to change the angle and forward or back to move the neck in or away from the body.

I am not really into the Foo Fighters, so know of them and the legendary Dave Grohl but not many of their songs play in my mind. That said I am guess this isn’t played as clean as you did.

If you are playing through an amp it would be cool to hear this played with a little more gain. Can’t recall if you mentioned what amp you have. Anyhow, would be great to entertain the neighbours with a little overdriven rocking Foo Fighters!

And what a bonus to be able to belt out the singing.

Last small ask … could you step back a pace or two from the camera so we can see the whole guitar. Not important but still like it :grin:

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Girl, I think you can play and sing anything. Sounds like a hard one to sing and you nailed it. Your new guitar is beautiful! And impressive strumming and hitting that chord with the long name! :wink:

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Wowsers, that was good! Only one really big problem……… there wasn’t enough of it :joy:
Rock on :metal:t2::metal:t2::metal:t2:
p.s. your new baby sure does sound good!

Yes will get a bit further away, I have my phone on my music stand to record and if I put it too far away I can’t read the words :joy:.

I’ve got an old Roland Cube amp so can put a few effects on…:smiley:

Here you go….


Thanks, I really do sing all sorts, doing Handel’s Hallelujah chorus in choir on Sunday :joy:

I haven’t mastered the scary sounding chord bit yet, that’s later in the song. The chord is ok but getting to it is a bit difficult at the moment.

Thanks Darrell,
Sorry it was short but you know, awkward chord and hand dropping off and all that. One day maybe :smiley:

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I’d have the same problem, so go old school for lyrics and print them out win a large font :rofl: Now I am slowing down the learning of songs for my repertoire and am learning the lyrics as well as the chords.

The Roland looks promising for generating some suitable rocking sounds if you select lead rather than clean and fiddle with the balance between gain and volume. Nothing quite like getting down and dirty with an electric geetar :grin:

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Thx! Really beautiful :blush:

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F#7add11 be damned.
That was rocking.


Enjoyed that! Cool variety of strumming. Great looking guitar!

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Stunning song and stunning guitar Liz!!

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Nailed it Liz, the vocals are fantastic. Confidence and attitude, :+1:

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Hi Liz,

Great job.
Really liked the vocal too.
Keep getting the practice in for when Mr Grohl pulls you up on stage. :slight_smile:


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Great performance, and new guitar looks awesome.

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