Bittersweet Symphony Loop Cover

Hey guys so this is what i got so far of this song! Its one of my most fav songs ever also! The riff in this song is just amazing!!! Sorry that its not the whole song! I will probably finish it the weekend!! :). Heres the long one ive done!! Bittersweet Symphony Cover - YouTube


Wow! Smooth! I will look forward to the rest of it.

I am impressed with the ability to just hit the looper and start playing on time. I simply turn on the video and my fingers go all haywire.

Very cool song and great playing! Thanks!

Looks like you’re taking to that looper like a duck to water, Bytron :smiley:

I imagine one difficult aspect of playing songs to a looper is creating different loops for variation and switching between them. I think that’s one reason I like my Trio+ so much. It’s’ a bit like ‘Loopers for Dummies’
Looking forward to the next instalment :smiley:

Lol thanks guys! Cant wait to finish it!

Looking forward to the complete version. You really have got the hang of the looper.

Another good one Byron. Looking forward to the completed cover.

Thanks guys!

Nice job and a good start…thought you’d got the loops spot on for this one. Look forward to the finished song.

Hey guys so i redid it with a better camera angle for anyone thats interested in learning to play it! I love the riff in this song so much! Still not really the full song but hey I like it this way lol. ENjoy! Bittersweet Symphony Cover - YouTube

I kinda messed up the end with my pedal Lol. Sounded weird haha!

Thanks man!