Blowin' In The Wind Cover by dobleA and more

This Blowin’ In The Wind cover took me a while to being able to play and sing it at a comfortable level.

It started with a video suggesting the strumming pattern DDUDDU could be used to play this song that I don’t think I had ever heard it before (now I know it’s a popular song).

For singing it, I use the official lyrics of that are slightly different than the 1963 recorded version. Most of the time I am not able to fit the Yes, ‘n’ that links the questions in the verses; sometimes I am able to fit the ‘n’. I usually get there a little short of air because I forgot to inhale in the small singing pause in the middle of each question.

Rather than mimic the wonderful Bob’s talking/singing I had to find my own way to phrase it.

Blowin’ In The Wind Cover

And here is a compilation of three previous practice videos for this cover. For future posts my struggles while learning a new song will be likely the main subject.

Blowin’ In The Wind previous practice videos

One day I started humming Blowin’ In The Wind and ended singing a song in Spanish that had been played in the mass the previous Sunday. The reason is that Saber que vendrás (Knowing That You’ll Come would be my English translation) borrows the music of Blowin’ In The Wind. I took advantage of that and learnt also Saber que vendrás.

Saber que vendrás cover

I know including three videos in the post it is not the usual approach, but I thought it made sense as they are closely related.

Any comments or suggestion of improvement to my playing (and singing) are welcome.


Good stuff. Keep at it. Blowin’ in the wind was the first song I learned to play and sing on the guitar, quite the favourite of mine

Great work @dobleA, thanks for sharing.

:clap: :clap: :clap:

Bravo, Andrés, congrats on a maiden share here in AVOYP.

I really enjoyed your rendition of Blowing. You played with good clean chords, smooth changes, steady rhythm and your vocal worked just fine for me. No issue here in singing songs your way.

I liked that you shared the practice videos to reflect the learning process. As you go forward you may want to start a Learning Log in #community-hub:learning-logs that can track your progress. The Learning Log is a great place to share the work-in-progress recordings to get feedback along the way, before sharing a final version of the song here when you are satisfied with your rendition.

Enjoyed the second Spanish song equally. I picked up three small points to reflect on in the playing of the barre chords (I noticed them as they are things I too have to work on).

Firstly, when playing E shape and the minor of the A shape barre chords, concentrate on keeping the pinky and ring fingers close together, ideally touching, to bring both as close to the fret wire as possible.

Secondly, it is a good idea to work on making the barre and then landing the other fingers to make the chord. The sequence will become simultaneous, or as near as, over time. The reason for this is that as you strum the bass note on the thickest string will be the first you touch, which is fretted by the index finger making the barre.

Thirdly, when you change from the E shape to the A shape I noticed the barring finger did not move. For the A shape the root note is on the A string and the E string is not played. We are taught to shift the index finger down a little to fret the note on the A string and use the tip of the index finger to mute the E string. You may perhaps change the angle of the index to achieve that result, not sure. Key is to play the bass note on the A string and ensure the E string is not heard.

Once again, congrats on the first share, sounded good, and look forward to following your progress and enjoying more shares here.

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Hi Tony, thank you for watching it.

Hi jkahn, thank you for watching it.

Hi David, thank you for your comments and specially for the three points for improving my barre chords. It was also good to know which is the best place to post my work-in-progress in the future.

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Enjoyed that. Good strumming and clean chords. Singing is good to. Well done.

Hi Trevor, thank you for your comments.

And you made an enjoyable version of it Andrés. Well done too for posting it as your first AVoYP. I look forward to more in the future.

It were really well executed covers, well done!

Hi Gordon, thank you for your comments. I am glad it was enjoyable.

Hi Adrian, thank you for the comments.

Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting Andres.

Nice playing and singing. Strumming and chord changes were nice and smooth.

I look forward to more of your shares.

Hi Stefan, thank you for you comments.