Blue On Black Cover

Whoo, 2 songs in one day woot woot lol. Hope you guys like this one I kinda did it in my own way and get up there in my vocals later in the song. Enjoy! Had to reedit because my lead and rhythm was not in sync hope this one cleared it up! Blue On Black Cover - YouTube


Blue on black with Kenny Wayne Shepherd is one of my favourites!

I think you did it justice, hope i can do it that good someday.
I really dig your strummin…

I like the sound you make in your recordings as well. its clearly not the mic on a iphone🤣

Another song I’ve not heard before but I thought you did an excellent job Bytron.

I thought your playing was superb and great vocals to.

Well done, Byron. Soldi rhythm throughout.

Another great AVoYP Byron. I love your strumming style on this one. Well done.

That’s great, Byron. You’ve nailed the rhythm just loved it. I hear some FX on your vocal? How about trying out doubling the vocal in places, like Kenny Wayne Stepherd?

Thanks guys! Yeah this is one of my favorite songs to! I know some areas my voice cracks! Guess its from smoking i need to quit… Glad you guys enjoyed!

Actually the iphone can record pretty good if you use a app like loopyhd with wired headphones with a mic i use to record like that back in the day lol.

Ok. Did not know that. Will check it out… i have seen small mics that can be used straight into the iphone. Dont cost too much… are they any good??

I honestly dont know. I know that the iphone headphones that come with the iphone are really good. I did all my soundcloud songs off a iphone such as Hey Joe Stream Hey joe acoustic cover by Byron Hemmings | Listen online for free on SoundCloud Check it out!! Its all from an iphone. I think it was a iphone 5 mind you.

Will check it out… youre at least able too put the mic closer too the guitar when you use headphones. Smart…

Yeah! I meant to say i used the ihpone headphones it came with to lol. It just kinda hangs there behind the guitar so its perfect while your wearing them.

Have not thought about that at all… i have a few of those just laying around…

Yeah whats cool about it is when your using loopyhd you can record your rhythm, vocals and then lead over your tracks. While your wearing the headphones you can hear yourself playing the guitar to so its pretty useful. Dont use wireless headphones though cus there is a delay. I had to take a pair of airpods back cus i thought i could use those but it dont work its gotta be wired lol.

Cool!! Im about too check that thing out right now

I think Loopyhd costs like 5 bucks or something. It will take you a while to get the hang of it but its worth it and its fun!!! Good Luck!! If you have any questions hit me up!

Will do… i have a ton of questions allready… did not understand one thing about it :rofl:

I have too play around with it a while before botherong you…

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Lol it’s all good. If you get loopy hd try playing a chord progression like a d and e in one track on loopy. Then when your done play the track and record over it with lead :d

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Any luck Tron? :smiley:

Hahaha… nope not yet :grin: im messed around with it this morning. And i think i will get a hang of it :+1: