Blue On Black Cover

Awesome!!! Lemme know how you turn out using it :smiley: Its really fun!!

Yep. I will👍


Think i got it… the looping… the issue now is that i cant play lead :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Good job Mr H. The name threw me as I did not recognise the song title. But once you started it came flooding back, so you must have done decent job if I recognized it ! Nice piece of solo work there well. Suited you vox as well, good use of reverb as well.

Lol, I usually just play what i think sounds good :D. Keep at it and you will get there. Just takes practice!!!

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Thanks Toby!!! Glad you enjoyed it!! Yeah I kinda messed up the lead some but its barely noticeable I plucked some dead notes later on in the lead lol. Though it turned out pretty good! Thanks man! :sunglasses:

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Thanks Willisie! I did not think about it maybe ill rerecord over it and give it a shot!

Great cover, Byron. I really liked your strumming pattern here and also the way you used the smaller screen to show the solo was cool. This is such a great song. Not sure if you’ve had a chance to see it, but there is a video of KWS playing this song with Smith & Myers from Shinedown that is really good too.

Thanks so much sarahsus!!! Ill have to check it out!!! YES!!! This is really a good song for sure!