Blues Elvis 1968

Hi again,

Last video for a while. I did this one last year before I started working on playing without looking. Not a good look per Justin’s example in the lesson lol. I use this as a warm up and today it probably would sound the same. I just use more fingers for each note than I did then. This was “Baby What Do You Want Me To Do” from Elvis Presley’s 1968 comeback special. It’s super fun and want to practice bluesy stuff again.


That sounded cool, liked the groove, Jeff. When you come back to practicing this my suggestion would be to slow the tempo right down to the point where you can play bars 9 & 10, the lead notes and form the chords (especially B7), and stay with the beat. And once you have that then slowly bring up the tempo. Looking forward to hearing it again.

From last year to your most recent videos there is lots of improvement and progress. :slight_smile:

ps, remember - AVOYP goes here 📣 Audio-Video of You Playing - JustinGuitar Community

Darn, missed it again … must be more attention :pleading_face:

That was nicely and blusey. Some sweet playing there Jeff.