Blues in A from Minor Pentatonic pattern I & II (Blues Lead 1 Course)

A little late to the party here, but just wanted to say great job Jeff! :clap:

I watched both versions and I thought each one had a little different flavor. As a fellow aficionado of gain and bridge pickups, I liked the more “metal” version :wink: But the new recording definitely had more of the bluesy feel I think you were going for. I’m always amazed at the difference tone makes in a song.

You’ve gotten some good feedback from those far more experienced in this genre than me :laughing: So, I’m just here to clap and encourage down this path! At some point I hope to dive into blues lead a little more too since so many songs that I want to learn solos for are really based on the blues. Amazing progress! I look forward to the LL update :+1:

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Thanks Jennifer!! :smiley: Really appreciate you checking this out :slightly_smiling_face: :+1:

Alright! :metal::wink:

Yeah totally! Definitely need to work on my blues tones. I have been playing around a bit and making some progress but still a long way to go.

Thank you! :grin:

Can’t wait to see this when it happens! :smiley: :sunglasses:

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Hi @nzmetal
Sorry I’m a bit late to the party for this one, but I am very interested in your approach here because I’m heading to the electric blues course imminently, just got to get a couple of songs under my belt for an open mic next week.
I was reading through the comments, and I generally agree with what @sclay was saying. My feeling is the second take is better. I don’t recall if anyone mentioned dynamics, the backing track rises and falls in dynamics quite a bit, where it does that you might need to give it a bit of welly, or hit the boost button or something. Bit nit picky really but it’s all I can add.
I’m really glad I found this post, it opened my eyes to the possibilities. I’m genuinely excited to get into it!
Cheers and well played

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How about that… Looks like we not only share our names, but our learning journey as well. Having the same musical preference towards the rock and metal genres as you, I’m now working my way through the Blues modules. I gotta say, it almost feels like starting all over. It truly is a different language with its own difficulties.

I think the low gain version sounded better, more authentic. Your phrasing is pretty good already. Mostly good note choices too over the changing chords. Now you just need to learn some more vocabulary. :wink:

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Thanks Mike! :smiley:
Great to hear you’re diving in to this path soon too.

Very good point and excellent advice, thank you! Yes, listening to the track and using dynamics in my playing and tone so I respond appropriately is something I really need to work. I’m currently doing lots of homework listening to the greats, so hopefully I’ll be able to pick up some guidance on that from their approach.

Good to hear you’ve found some useful tips here too. All the best with your journey, looking forward to seeing the results! :sunglasses: :+1:

Hey Jeff! Thanks mate, really appreciate you checking this out! :smiley:

:joy: That’s awesome to hear! I’ve always admired your solid technique and keen attention to tone, so really looking forward to seeing/hearing what you achieve down this path.

Sure is! :confounded: :sweat_smile:

Thanks so much! Yeah, I feel there is a lot to take away from this, but hoping also that I look back and cringe at it in the future too (meaning that I have progressed much further down the path of course :crossed_fingers: :wink:).

Yes, definitely! :smiley: It’s a bit like learning a sentence at a time, looking forward to the day where I can “speak” a whole paragraph without getting lost or saying the wrong thing! :laughing:

Thanks again buddy, take care :slight_smile:

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Hey Jeff, I thought they were both awesome… although I did lean more towards your 2nd version for whatever reason :man_shrugging:
You always seem to be very technical with what you do and how you play. Great dedication mate.
By the way, when can we expect your username to be updated to nzbluesmetal :grinning:

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Thanks Sandro!! Really appreciate you kind words! :smiley: :+1:

Any day now, my friend, watch this space… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :joy:

Superb stuff Jeff and I especially loved the second video. Not going to the offer any advice as you are way above my skill level . All that hard work is really paying off. Sounding really great!!!

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Thanks Eddie!! Really appreciate you checking this out mate! :smiley: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Was there a party here? And I missed it? :open_mouth:
Okay, I’m surveying the detritus and am left scratching my head…

You know I’m no metal head (although have definitely ‘inhaled’ some of the finer products), but why on earth would you want to take the blue road? :thinking:
They say you have to learn a new alphabet, to make new words and phrases and then string them together to start making sense… :exploding_head:
Three chords and Sing Something Warped is what I say!

I jest of course, and have no wish to trample on hallowed ground…
From what I heard you are making stellar progress.

For what it’s worth, I preferred Papa Bear’s version
My favourite comment:

Oh yeah!
You liked it. You played it. It’ll make you smile every time you do it. (Maybe I’ve been listening to Clint too much?)
No apologies for tardiness.
Deserved bump :wink:

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Hi Nzmetal, I’m also beginning to improvise based on the minor scale right now, not quite as far as you have gone though. Sounds really good, I like the change in tempo in both recordings, and your timing sounds spot on, especially in regards on how long to hang onto a note and start the next riff. I think the first track got a bit repetitive, but I know how hard it is to not get into a comfortable pattern, and I do the same thing.
Thanks for sharing, keep rockin’!

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:joy: Ooops! Forgot to invite you, sorry!! :flushed: :rofl:

:joy: Careful there Mr Larsen, I’ve heard it can be quite hazardous to your health :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

After a few weeks of listening to my awfully out of tune bends, I’m wondering the same thing! Just give me simple power chords and some 16th note tremolo picking… :tired_face:

Well, yeah, that’s kinda the reason… plus I actually am totally digging playing the blues, who’d have thought? :astonished: :sweat_smile:

And you do it so well!! :star_struck: Although, I’ve seen plenty of sneaky fills and flourishes sprinkled through the treats you share so I know it’s more than just that!

Thank you :blush:

Thanks again :laughing:

And I so do! :rofl: Yeah, we should all probably listen to Clint more :smile:

Thanks, Brian, really appreciate you checking this out :sunglasses: :+1:

Hi Benji, thanks for having a look and listen, glad it sounded okay! :slightly_smiling_face:
Cool that you’re working on similar too! Thanks also for the tip! :smiley: :+1: I’m hoping that as I expand my vocabulary I can be more inventive with my choice of riffs, although I’m finding that really challenging when improvising at the moment… lots of work to still put in that’s for sure! :sweat_smile:
Really appreciate you jumping in for a look.
Take care and keep rockin’ too buddy! :metal:

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And as it underpins everything that followed its a win win Jeff. Just speed it up, crank it up and max the distortion and there’s your metal. Foundation Foundation Foundation.

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:100: % Toby! :metal::smiley: :sunglasses: :+1:

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Absolutely love the lower gain version. Gives me something to aspire to.

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Thanks Ben! Really appreciate you checking this out. Glad it gave some inspiration :smiley: :+1:

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