Bon Jovi- I'll Be There for you

Hi all,

I decided to give it a go playing electric. I’ll be there for you by Bon Jovi. All of these songs I play by looking at guitar tab-no specific lessons other than Justin’s expertise :slight_smile:

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Hey Jeff, you’re on a rock 'n roll, sharing a second recording.

What a beautiful looking strat.

Again mostly have things working smoothly, just the change to Bm to focus in on. When making that change you want to try to get the barre finger down first. The reason being that generally you change chords on a down strum, so what the barre finger to be on the bass note as you start the strum, rest of the fingers to follow.

I thought the strumming, particularly when you started looked a little more relaxed in this recording, a little more wrist in the action.

Keep on rocking on

Good stuff Jeff.

I think David has some good points there. Maybe add some Bm PFC’s to your daily routine.

Over all though a good performance.

Good looking strat and a good performance. Singing was a bit quiet compared to the guitar. Speaking from experience I would try to iron out the pauses between some chord changes, the longer you leave it the harder it is to correct as I found out.