Bon Jovi - Santa Fe (Acoustic)

So, after These Days, I considered input regarding continuous strumming, and decided to go with that in a song, which does not have sus chords in it. Though, I don’t know about the strumming pattern, because I did adjust it to the way I’d sing the song (mind you, this is not a vocal version, just instrumental), so I chose a simple DDDU strumming pattern for each chord, just to keep it simple. Though, maybe, should have gone with DDDDU, since the song is 4/4 time, but, eh. Anyways, in my opinion, the strumming is better than in These Days song, though, I’m on a fence with the strumming pattern, have no idea whether I’ve chosen it correctly or not. But I personally like the melody (though the original song is waaaaaaaaaay different) that I got out from it.

As always, Sound Cloud link:

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