Bonjour from Cheticamp Cape Breton

Hi Attila, welcome. Enjoy your new natural and musical surroundings. One step at the time works good for learning guitar.

Ironic, we just moved from New Brunswick last July from the Bouctouche area. Lot’s of great artists from Kent County including Daniel Leger, Hubert Francis, and Lisa Leblanc. Lisa Leblanc you probably know as she has won many awards and recently was nominated for best Francophone album at the Juno’s. If you want to hear some wicked guitar (and banjo) check out her cover of Ace of Spades (Motorhead) if you haven’t heard it before. Pretty impressive. Best of luck in NB and with your guitar journey. Attila

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Attila, welcome to the community forum. Have fun with your chord changes and learning songs.

Welcome to the community Attila !

Bonjour Attila - Cape Breton looks stunning and sounds like it’s going to offer a fantastic community for playing together.