Book - Blues Lead Guitar Solos

Does anyone have this book ? I’d like to get some feedback/comment.

How hard are the solos ?

For instance, in the rock songbook, there is a beginner, intermediate and intermediate + stages which fit all levels of students. What about the blues lead guitar book ?

I just finished grade 3. My plan would be to start the grade 4 essential blues lead guitar to learn a few riffs and technique and use this book to apply the concepts to songs.

But, I’m asking because it would be sad to buy it and be able to play only 1-2 out of the 18 at my current level.

I Just purchased this and received it about 2 weeks ago. Looks like a great book but this is not a beginner book. You will have to do some homework to get the most out of it. While the Tabs for the licks are in the book, the recommendation is to first listen to the song a lot and try to transcribe it yourself first. Do the lessons on transcription to learn the tips on how to transcribe.

While not necessary to transcribe the licks perfectly yourself you should at least try as it will help you to develop the skill for the future. This is a skill I need to work on. There is a lot of string bends so make sure you have your bends in tune. The first few licks look to be pattern 1 of the minor pentatonic so you should at least have practiced that and can bend the strings in tune.

If you are serious about learning blues and are Intermediate level or above then this is great book. The first lick is 5 bars long and it will probably take me a few weeks/months to get it. Hendrix was a master so maybe it will take me longer. The challenge for me will be to stick with it, push through and not get discouraged.

Also I posted this questions about Eb tuning related to learing the first lick in this book: Eb Tuning - Justin's Blues Lead book



Thanks Phil ! That is for sure a valuable feedback about the book. :+1:

I have it and its really useful. Seeing full songs is so helpful. It has Freddie zking songs in-which as a FK fan is great.
I dip into it regularly-mainly to nick riffs .
It is really helpful to see how the blues greats constructed songs.
Its not a beginners book,but an acheivable challenge for an intermediate player. I think there are lessons for the songs or at least the modt famous parts.
A good level is to be able to play the blues licks Justin has in his blues module and certainly the beginners blues solo -although most of these songs are technically more difficult than that.

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Thank you @Peterctid for the feedback. It makes me want to buy the book.

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