Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Cover - Green Day

Hey guys just wanted to do a cover of this since Justin did a lesson on it! I learned the lead on my own! Its pretty simple! This would be a great song to record the rhythm and vocal and then the lead over it!! :smiley:

Word of warning the F word is in this video lol. ♪♫ Boulevard Of Broken Dreams Cover (Acoustic) - YouTube


Like your playing! Sounds good👌

Most enjoyable Bytron. One I might learn one day, something a little different from my usual song choices.

Thanks guys!!! Yeah this is a really good song to learn for sure!!

Great job as usual Byron

Nice Byron. Has your style about it. Gentler, I feel, then Green Day. Possibly the vocal has a lot to do with that.

Nice one buddy, a bit more laid back than the original but better for it IMO, like it!

Wow thanks guys! Glad yall enjoyed it!!! :slight_smile: Couple mistakes but not to bad lol.

You are amazing Bytron. You learn songs so fast and then put them together with your own flair and style. I like your singing in this one a lot. Nice work.

That’s very good, you make it look so easy.

Thanks guys!!! Ive been playing for a long time now and well my brain looks at music in like sections I guess. Thats why i know where to put the lead lines in the rhythm part and chorus ect. I guess its just 2nd nature to me now. Though im trying to improve with every song i do!! Even then though i still have mistakes lol. Just keep at it you guys and you will get there, just make sure to try to play everyday!!! If you guys haven’t noticed yet im more of an open chord player. I just find it easier to play open chords and sing then being all over the neck. Thats one of my downfalls. I need to venture out more! Thanks for listening guys! :smiley:

Well Byron it works. You play and sing very enjoyable songs. I always enjoy your song posts. Keep them coming.

Thanks sairs i really appreciate it!!! Im glad you enjoy my videos!!! :slight_smile: Thank you for being supportive! Im waiting on a video from you btw!!! :slight_smile:

Thanks DarrellW! How you been? You done any more recordings?

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I’m slowly getting better from a relapse, I suppose it’s to do with the lower temperatures we get in winter - Fibromyalgia and cold don’t get on very well! I’ve not played very much at all for a while, my hands have been painful and I burned two of my fretting fingers over Christmas. I hope I can get back to doing something in the next couple of months!

Aww dang Darrel :frowning: sorry to hear that! Well I hope so because your really good and would love to hear something from you

Love the addition of the second guitar. You just record yourself playing along to your first recording and do a Picture in Picture in the edit?

Thanks Joechoi! Yes I record myself along with my track with the added guitar and then i use vegas pro to edit and put together the audio/video. Its like putting a puzzle together you have to match the audio up with the soundwaves bar. Its pretty fun!! Glad you liked it!

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P.S I use OBS to record all my stuff. A Samson g track pro for audio recording and then a 1080p webcam.

Nice song choice Byron, and I really liked your playing on this!