Boys Of Summer Cover (Take 2)

Hey guys so i ended up redoing this one with some lead in it and backing vocals i guess it came out better lol. Song is hard to do for sure! Here it is! Boys Of summer Cover - YouTube


Good stuff. I played around with that riff when Justin’s lesson first came out. Thanks for sharing. You are definitely on your way with that one.

Nice job, Byron.

Thanks you two! :smiley:

Wow that’s a difficult one Byron. Very complex phrasing and strumming. You made a good job of it though and I enjoyed your version.

Nice one Byron. As Gordon has said, not an easy one to do. A nice mix of strumming and fingerstyle as well.

That was a great effort on a difficult song @Bytron08. Well played sir. :+1:

Thanks guys heres my second take on it with some lead hope you guys will like it! :smiley:

Nice… I liked your doubled up vox, play and the roaming dog! Pretty good tone on the guitar too. You need to show us more of what you are doing. The mic covered up much of your strumming hand and the cam was a bit too close to catch you and the fretting hand. I know it is hard to get it just so though. But all in all, a fine job!

All the best to you,

Hi Bytron:

I really loved this song when it came out-brings back great memories. When Justin introduced it as a lesson I added it to my list of songs to hopefully learn. I think you really did well with the rhythm of the song. The chords are fairly easy, just getting the riff in sync seems challenging to me. I like the microphone idea for recording videos. I think I need to do the same and get a microphone so people can better hear my vocals; not sure what kind to get yet.